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accounts for the 1996-97 biennium will be closed accurately and a Financial Management Report will be issued in July 1998 in accordance with the WIPO Financial Regulations and Rules.

Examined all program proposals by program managers and related expenditure, including staff resources and program costs, in accordance with the program priorities of the Director General.  As a result, all proposals are certified by the Controller’s Office prior to financial commitments and program implementation, with an average of about 150 proposals per week.

Developed a new computerized budget expenditure monitoring and tracking system for program managers to enable them to monitor the financial status of their programs.  This system was installed and has been operational since April.  It provides online, uptodate information on actual expenditure, commitments, and budget balance by objects of expenditure for each main program and subprogram.  Additional information by activity and for each financial transaction is now also available online and continuously updated.  This new system enables program managers to make immediate decisions, enhancing efficiency and transparency.  It also ensures that the expenditure for each Program is well within the budget, thus ensuring budgetary discipline and fiscal responsibility.

Implemented a computerized post and staff control system, fully operational since May, allowing tight control on regular budget posts, shortterm staff, and staff costs, resulting in more costeffective use of resources.

Obtained cost savings under the new internal oversight and productivity system through systematic, tight financial control and improved management.

Reviewed and certified all financial transactions and payment orders prepared by the Finance Division to ensure the correct disbursement of funds and proper financial administration of the Organization in strict compliance with the WIPO Financial Regulations and Rules.  As a result, all commitments and payments of WIPO were certified by the Controller’s Office, with an average of about 150 transactions per week.

Established a computerized inventory system of all goods, equipment, furniture, and supplies and completed a valuation of all items, with the cooperation of Program 12.  As a result, management and control of WIPO’s inventory has been significantly enhanced.

The new decentralized program and budget structure by main programs and subprograms and accountability of program managers has enabled the Controller’s Office to reinforce monitoring of program delivery and costeffective utilization of resources, resulting in cost savings and higher efficiency, and leading to lean management.

Sub-program 04.2

Program Planning and Budget

Main Activities and Results

Prepared documents and information for the many informal consultations with Member States on the draft WIPO Program and Budget document for 1998-99, which continued through early 1998, offering delegations the opportunity to provide guidance, advice, and inputs, which were taken into account in the final draft Program and Budget document.

As a result, the Assemblies of the Member States approved unanimously  in March the 1998-99 WIPO Program and Budget, as well as projects on automation of the PCT system and information technology on the recommendation of the Budget and Premises Committees.  The Chair of the WIPO General Assembly noted that  the Program and Budget document was very comprehensive, clear, concise, and resultoriented.

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