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Planned, designed, wrote and generally prepared for the issue of the following general products:

General Information brochure. A new version with an easy-to-read text and colorful graphics was ready to go to print in June.

Treaty Pamphlet Series. 21 pamphlets summarizing the WIPO-administered international treaties were ready to go to print in June.

WIPO Annual Report for 1997.  Aimed at the general public and Member States,  It would provide an overview of the Organization’s activities and accomplishments in a reader-friendly style and format and would be issued July.

Industrial Property and Copyright.  Improvements were introduced in presentation, through inclusion of color, photographs and graphics.  Timed to be replaced by the new monthly WIPO Magazine.

WIPO Magazine.  A new design and format would appear with the June issue. Aimed at the general public as well as at broad sectors of business and legal circles, it will contain analytical articles of general interest to the Organization and its Member States.

Intellectual Property Reading Material.”  A second revised edition was completed in March and issued in May.  This is a widely-used standard manual on intellectual property and the new issue now has greater clarity and updated information.

Sales and Distribution of WIPO Products.  This activity generated over 10 million Swiss francs of gross revenue in 1996-97.  It was the third largest revenue-earner after the PCT and Madrid systems.  Gross sales revenue from January to April exceeded the target by 14 percent. In January, OGCPD redistributed the workload and improved procedures, thus eliminating backlogs of publication orders by April 1998.  Outdated publications were eliminated, leading to significant savings in space and man-hours for maintenance.  Controls were established to prevent the recurrence of such backlogs and stocks.

Marketing Initiatives. OGCPD developed a new marketing plan to more effectively promote WIPO’s products, including participation in five book fairs,  as well as the completion of work on a fully searchable catalogue on the web site and a redesigned paper catalogue.  Preparatory work started on the direct processing of credit-card payments for publication orders.


New and improved products would reach much wider audiences and better promote WIPO’s and intellectual property’s corporate image.

Sub-program 05.4

Research Services, WIPO Library and Archives

Main Activities

At the end of 1997, the Library moved out of the main headquarters building to less accessible premises, resulting in a decline in the number of visitors.  The library adapted by bringing their services to users, upgrading its electronic service, and making other improvements:

Subscribed to the Lexis-Nexis electronic information services to provide improved and wider access to information and search reports on topics specially prepared for users.

Made the entire library catalogue available via the Intranet/Internet sites. Extensive use of e-mail system to send information to users.

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