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     Arab Region:

WIPO Arab Consultation Meeting on the Implementation of the TRIPS Agreement, Cairo, 60 officials from 16 Arab countries and the Palestinian National Authority and 100 local participants. Reviewed current standards for intellectual property protection and enforcement measures in the light of the TRIPS Agreement. Adopted a series of recommendations calling upon Arab countries to modernize their intellectual property system, and requested WIPO’s assistance particularly in the enforcement area.

WIPO Arab Regional Conference on Intellectual Property, Beirut. Forty officials from 16 Arab countries and the Palestinian National Authority and over 100 local participants; the Director General opened and attended. Reviewed current main intellectual property issues, including enforcement of IPRS, protection of pharmaceuticals and copyright protection in the digital environment. Adopted recommendations focusing on legal and administrative adjustments to be made by Arab countries in the context of the TRIPS Agreement, and on the role of WIPO in assisting them in the fields of legislative advice, institution building and training).

     Asia and the Pacific Region:

WIPO Asian Regional Symposium on Industrial Property Strategy for Economic Development, New Delhi. Twenty-nine officials from 20 countries of the region and some 70 local participants. Reviewed strategies for strengthening the competitiveness of enterprises and promoting the effective management of industrial property by those enterprises.

WIPO Seminar for Asia and the Pacific Region on the Internet and the Protection of Intellectual Property, Singapore. Twenty-seven participants from 20 countries of the region and 100 local participants. Reviewed the implications of the Internet on IPRs, particularly in the areas of copyright and trademark and domain names. It allowed a discussion of issues related to issues deriving from the new communication technologies, as well as opportunities for electronic networking among offices of the countries of the region.

     Latin America and the Caribbean:

WIPO Subregional Workshop on the Revision of the Andean Common Regime on Industrial Property (“Decision 344”), Lima. Heads of office of the five Andean Pact countries (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela  and 40 local participants. Allowed discussions on possible amendments to bring the Decision in line with international norms and standards, including the TRIPS Agreement).

WIPO Regional Seminar on New Treaties on Copyright and Neighboring Rights for Latin American Countries, Santafe de Bogotá. Ten officials from ten countries of the region and over 100 local participants. Organized in combination with an International Book Fair, it reached a vast audience and sensitized policy makers from the region on the advantages of accession to the WCT and the WPPT. Orientation and Study Program:

Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights. Fifteen senior custom officials from eight Asian countries. Equipped the participants with appropriate knowledge and skills to deal effectively with piracy and counterfeiting of intellectual property assets at national level.

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