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WIPO provided legislative advice to governments on the modernization of national intellectual property legislation for compatibility with the WIPO-administered treaties and the TRIPS Agreement, including the following:  -  recommendations on the modernization of the Law of the Russian Federation on Copyright and Related Rights from the viewpoint of its compatibility with the TRIPS Agreement, the WCT and the WPPT, and comments on the draft law amending the Customs Code of the Russian Federation with regard to the enforcement of intellectual property rights. -  detailed comments on the new draft Copyright Law of the Republic of Belarus from the viewpoint of the compatibility with the TRIPS Agreement, the WCT and the WPPT.  -  an analysis of the new Copyright Law and a Note on the Civil Code of Georgia, Book Four, Section One, Copyright Law following consultations with two government officials visiting Geneva.  -  comments on the Patent Law of the Republic of Lithuania.

The Secretariat made a detailed study on “State Functions and State Organizations in the Field of Intellectual Property Protection” for the Government of the Russian Federation.

A workshop on collective management of copyright and related rights was held in Switzerland for officials from Central Asian countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan).

A Symposium on Global Information Infrastructure and Intellectual Property, was held in Budapest in May, in which experts from eight Central and Eastern European countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia) participated.  Participation, with the exception of the host country, was financed by WIPO.

The Secretariat held consultations on intellectual property issues with a number of governments of this region.  In March a special series of consultations was organized in Moscow between high-level officials of the Government and the State Duma (Parliament) and an official of WIPO on current issues of intellectual property legislation,  particularly the issues of whether intellectual property provisions may be included in the Civil Code and of the adaptation of the legislation to the requirements of the TRIPS Agreement and to the WCT and WPPT.


Ten countries deposited their instruments of accession or ratification to the following WIPO-administered treaties:  Madrid Protocol (Georgia, Romania, Slovenia, and Yugoslavia),  Nice Agreement (Belarus and Romania), Locarno Agreement (Belarus and Romania),  PCT (Croatia and Cyprus),  Strasbourg Agreement (Republic of Moldova and Romania),  Vienna Agreement (Romania),  Budapest Treaty (Lithuania and Slovenia),  Nairobi Treaty (Slovenia),  Treaty on the International Registration of Audiovisual Works (Hungary), and the Trademark Law Treaty (Lithuania, Romania, and the Russian Federation).

The provision of legislative advice to the countries mentioned above contributed to the harmonization of their national intellectual property legislation with the WIPO-administered treaties and the TRIPS Agreement, and to more efficient protection against piracy and counterfeiting.

The Secretariat’s training activities for officials from countries of Central Asia increased the number of trained personnel and contributed to the establishment and appropriate operation of institutions for the administration and management of copyright in Central Asia.  Consultations during a workshop also clarified the conditions for the accession of

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