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T&T Civil Aviation Authority Bill

Tuesday, May 02, 2000

and records according to established accounting principles; the proper auditing of those accounts and records; and the annual laying of such reports as public records in Parliament.

Mr. President, provision here is also made in Part V for the authority to source financing from other areas, but only through the explicit approval of the Ministry of Finance and subject to its terms and conditions. While the Civil Aviation Authority is made exempt from the application of the Central Tenders Board Ordinance, provision is made for absolute transparency in the awards made under clause 24.

Part VI of the Bill makes provision for the employment of staff and the payment of superannuation benefits. The Board is empowered to employ staff as required. Existing staff will have the choice of options to voluntarily retire; to transfer to the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority; or to remain in the public service.

Mr. President, we saw it necessary to offer the best possible options to the staff of the Division. This part of the Bill also deals with the handling of the pension scheme. All superannuation benefits accrued to date will accompany the incumbent upon employment with the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority. Within two years, the Civil Aviation Authority is pledged to establish its own pension plan in order to provide for its employees.

Mr. President, this Bill establishing the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority is the first in a series of legislative measures intended to bring our statutory framework up to the ICAO’s standards and recommended practices.

A Companion Air Navigation Bill is in a well-advanced stage of preparation in order to ultimately repeal our Colonial Air Navigation (Application of Act) Order 1952 and CANO 1961 which itself will replace the Civil Aviation Order 1995 is presently being revisited in order to produce our own Trinidad and Tobago Aviation Regulations that shall be in accordance with joint aviation requirements that are slowly but surely gaining worldwide acceptance. With the establishment of an autonomous Civil Aviation Authority through this Bill, a start has been made towards the ultimate modernization of civil aviation in Trinidad and Tobago.

Mr. President, Trinidad and Tobago is a country on the move attaining higher and higher levels of achievement. We have the confidence of the international financial community and the international agencies like ICAO, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and the entire OAS system.

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