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T&T Civil Aviation Authority Bill

Tuesday, May 02, 2000

Mr. President, I really did not intend to be so adversarial this morning. I really do not wish to be so. We on this side very much would like to encourage the process of moving forward: moving our country into the century that we are in, to modernize and to update. [Desk thumping]

Let me assure you, Mr. President, we have a vision, it is written and it is spoken and it has been clearly enunciated. We know where we are going. On this side, the emphasis will be on honesty and integrity, that is where it will be. [Desk thumping] We are not going to fall for the sham. When the Government brought a piece of legislation they called the Integrity Bill, it was nonsense! Everybody understood it to be nonsense and it had to be sent back.

Mr. President, we are serious on this side. We are serious about governance for the benefit of every citizen of the country, not just the close friends and associates of the party. No, Mr. President, everybody must benefit. We must make sure that there are mechanisms that will act as a check and a balance against those individuals who will not wish to act in the same way. That is the point. It would be nice to think that everybody would act honestly and with the best interest of the people of the country, but life is just not like that and we cannot be so naïve.

The Central Tenders Board and its provisions are a useful, and even now, an imperative piece of legislation that must not be sidelined—[Interruption]

Sen. Mark: Just a point of clarification.

Sen. D. Montano: With those few words, Mr. President, I thank you. [Desk thumping]

Sen. Mark: He does not want to answer. We will deal with him.

The Minister of Works and Transport (Sen. The Hon. Sadiq Baksh): Mr. President, I really thought that we would have some more discussion on this particular Bill. I know that the modernization of the aviation sector in Trinidad and Tobago is a matter of importance to the development of our country. As such, I would like to respond to some of the questions raised.

Mr. President, the involvement of the Minister in general directions to any organization, including the new proposed Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority, is the norm within all the other state organizations in Trinidad and Tobago. In fact, to be responsible as the Minister with the line responsibility for the organization and to answer and to take to Cabinet anything that will be

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