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Education (Amdt.) (No. 2) Bill

Tuesday, May 02, 2000


but you are supposed to get nine. What I am seeing is just nine bodies you may just have to put there, to say that you have nine people. That bothers me, because with all the other things that you are having here, we have to look at who goes onto these boards. So it is not just a case of putting nine people. [Interruption]

Sen. Prof. Spence: Mr. President, my impression is that the nine is not mandatory. It says, “no more than”, which I interpret to mean it could be less. I wonder if the Minister could clarify.

Sen. J. Yuille-Williams: Thank you; but somewhere along the line a quorum is five. A quorum is five, so you are going to have some people to get five as a quorum.

What has happened as well—and I am just looking at it in this way—is that we gather that the size, whether the school is 800, 1,000 or some small schools of 100 students, have the same size board and the same requirements. Regardless of the community, it is all across the board; it is the same thing. We need to study some of the things that we have here; the intricacies of the whole things. How are we really going to operate this thing?

2.10 p.m.

Regardless of what you have; if you have a hundred children you still want nine members. That is what the Bill is saying to me: that you have the same size board. I saw nothing that tells me anything about the size. It is just— [Interruption] What I am reading. Probably the Minister will explain that to me. I am just saying that in terms of what is here before me. That bothers me as to the composition of the board, the skills that would be placed on the board, because the board has real work to do.

I also looked at appointment and termination. I do not know if, as a non-legal mind—this is just an example. Look at Regulation 5(1), it states:

Where a member is, by reason of illness or otherwise, unable to perform his functions…the Minister may by Order, appoint another person to act as a temporary...”

Let me tell you something, there will be over 70 or 80 boards as the case may be and the Minister has—I hope she or her Permanent Secretary does not find it very stressful—a lot of work to do because where somebody is ill the Minister may, by Order, appoint somebody to act. I am wondering whether or not—I am just asking

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