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Education (Amdt.) (No. 2) Bill

Tuesday, May 02, 2000

from what the regulations state—if it is a PTA member the Minister might appoint him; whether it is a union member, the Minister might appoint. The way it is drafted, it shows that anytime somebody is missing, for whatever reason, the Minister will do the appointment.

I am just saying from what I am reading and how it is stated; the Minister by Order will do it. We have to believe what we read here: that the Minister by Order will do it. Not as I hoped, when the appointments were being made, the same recognized bodies would have done it. What one has to say is: The Minster could do it. Probably I am subject to correction there, but that is what it states. I think we need to take a little more time when we put it together. Probably that is not what is meant, but we cannot just interpret and think what is meant. I have to go with what I see.

I really looked at this thing about revoking the appointment of a member. I am saying, if anyone looked at Regulation 5(1) and (2), which deals with the revocation of appointment of a member, this is a very serious thing. If he is absent without leave of the Chairman—that is the little board in Salybia which I am speaking about. If he is adjudicated bankrupt—some of them might have come on board bankrupt because there is no real criteria for those who were coming on the board. They were just appointed, but if he is adjudicated bankrupt—and somebody told me some of the members might have been bankrupt before they started.

When I looked at things in here: if he is adjudicated bankrupt, if he has a criminal offence, if he is mentally or physically challenged rendering him unable to perform; I am wondering, in terms of the selection, these things were not there. In terms of revocation of the board members—we do not want to put things in here just because we could put things in here. We ask ourselves how did we get to this stage? How do we get to all these boards—nine by how many people the Minister has to look at to find these different things to revoke appointments? We are not putting things in here just because we want to. I have looked at many boards and I have never seen things like what I am seeing here about the appointments and the annual general meetings and how things are held. Some things seem to have gone beyond what we expect of these boards, even in the way they are appointing and the way they conduct their business.

The minutes of all the meetings must go to the Permanent Secretary. Could you imagine the host of things coming to the Permanent Secretary from all these boards? What is the Permanent Secretary doing with all those Minutes, I ask myself? Where is the School Supervisor in all of this? Let us think about it. We

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