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Education (Amdt.) (No. 2) Bill

Tuesday, May 02, 2000


I want to go to the Education Act to get at some of the differences between the assisted schools and the government schools. The Education Act, 17(1) is very clear about the assisted schools.

At (15)1 the Act says:

“…there shall be established, for the purpose of exercising the control of the school, a Board of Management consisting of persons appointed by the authority which established the school,…


Every assisted school established after the commencement of this Act shall be controlled by a Board.

Section 17(1) states that subject to this Act the Board does the following:

“(a) shall have the control and management of all matters relating to the establishment and maintenance of new schools, the making of applications for recognition of new schools, the maintenance of existing schools; the re-building or extension of schools and such other matters relating to the organization of such schools…”

So the denominations have been granted powers, there has been a certain amount of devolution. They are allowed to determine where new schools should be built.

It continues to state that these boards

“(b) shall receive, disburse and account for the expenditure of such grants-in-aid as may from time to time be allocated to them from public funds.”

Thedenominational boards are givenmoney by the Governmentforrunning the schools.

“(e) may, from time to time as may be necessary, appoint or suspend or dismiss a Manager for a school or schools, and may delegate to such manager such of the powers and duties of the Board as it may think fit;”

Mr. President, the Education Act is very clear about a certain devolution of power and authority to the denominational board.

The same Act dealing with government schools says at section 23:

“(1) The Minister may, whenever he considers it expedient, by Order constitute Committees of Management for any Government school, consisting of such number of public officers as he considers appropriate.

(2) …a Committee established under this section shall exercise such powers, functions and duties as are conferred on it by the Minister.”

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