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Education (Amdt.) (No. 2) Bill

Tuesday, May 02, 2000

But never since this Act has there ever been appointed a Committee of Management for government schools. Never! That could well be one of the reasons for our problems. I do not know why governments never appointed Committees of Management.

Now, Mr. President, the present amendment, I suppose, makes a little joke when it says—in the Explanatory Note it says:

“This Bill seeks to amend the Education Act…to establish Local School Boards to exercise the powers currently being carried out by Committees of Management for Government Schools.”

That means do nothing, because we have no Committees of Management; never had. Anyway, the let out was that if you did not establish a Committee of management, you could according to section 24 put a supervisor to do the work:

“In the absence of the establishment of a Committee under section 23 Government Schools shall be controlled by a Supervisor of Schools designated as Manager of the school subject to the directions of the Minister and the Supervisor shall exercise such powers, functions and duties as the Minister may confer.”

This piece of legislation, which says that you establish committees, but if you do not establish committees you appoint a Supervisor to manage the school, has been used by government after government to centralize the system. They would send out a School Supervisor III to deal with this school.

Then in section 26 they laid down the duties of the Supervisor. I would not want to be a Supervisor. From (a) to (l) the present amendment gets rid of (j), (k)

and (l). “(iv)

Supervision and inspection of the programme of education required by the curriculum;

  • (i)

    ensuring the school premises, property and stock are protected against improper use;

  • (ii)

    submission of reports on matters relating to the discipline of teachers;

  • (iii)

    the conduct and supervision of courses of induction and training for untrained teachers in service as well as courses for other teachers;

(iv)the observance of the provisions of this Act and the regulations pertaining to the conduct of schools;

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