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Education (Amdt.) (No. 2) Bill

Tuesday, May 02, 2000


there were no management committees appointed, does that mean that there will be no school supervisors in future? If so, why have we still got supervisors in the Act? Why did we not amend the Act to remove the school supervisors?

Mrs. Persad-Bissessar: They have other functions.

Sen. Prof. J. Spence: But in the original Act it says that the school supervisors will be appointed where there are no committees or, in the new thing, where there are no boards.

Mrs. Persad-Bissessar: [Inaudible] But I will answer it in my winding up.

Sen. Prof. J. Spence: Okay, thank you very much. The other point I was making is, why delete (j) from section 26? I am afraid we are going to waste a great deal of time, Mr. President, because it means that I am going to be jumping up during the Minister’s winding up to try to get the points that I am trying to make answered.

Mrs. Persad-Bissessar: [Inaudible]

Sen. Prof. J. Spence: I thought we were finishing this afternoon. We are not going to finish this afternoon, then?

4.15 p.m.

Mr. Speaker, with respect to the regulations, I agree with Sen. Dr. St. Cyr in section 5(3) that it is inappropriate to suggest that if a majority of the members of the board want another member revoked that the Minister should take that directive. I mean, I think that is really setting up for bad relations between board members and within a community, if a member of the small community is being kicked out in that way by other members of the board. So, I certainly would move for that subclause to be deleted.

In section 13(1) it says—and I agree with Sen. Jagmohan in this regard. I cannot see why one should put in the regulations that the voting must be “by a show of hands.” It may be appropriate to have a show of hands; in other instances it may be appropriate to have a vote. So, I think, it is inappropriate for the regulations to dictate how the vote should be taken in the board.

Certainly, I agree, I think it was Sen. Prof. Ramchand or Sen. Yuille-Williams who made the point that the Permanent Secretary will be inundated with all of these Minutes and reports and so on. The Minutes are to be kept in the Principal’s offices. If the Permanent Secretary wants to have the Minutes he can call for them

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