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Education (Amdt.) (No. 2) Bill

Tuesday, May 02, 2000


I want to congratulate the Government, first of all, on its proposal to ban the advertising of cigarettes as well as its sale to minors and the delinking of tobacco firms from sponsoring sports and cultural events.

You have to teach values, they do not come in a book. I want to congratulate the Government for doing this, because we are talking about indiscipline and so forth, in the school system. Our society is a society of double standards and that is part of the problem. School management is important, I know that.

Again, I want to congratulate the hon. Minister for the stand she took when that suggestion was made by some Israeli therapist, that condoms should be distributed to school children; safe sex should be practised and so forth to reduce HIV infection. I really want to congratulate and compliment the hon. Minister for her stance on that. We are talking about the school system, about teenaged pregnancy and so forth, it is a serious problem in the high schools, and this Israeli therapist comes here to say that we are to encourage our teenagers—and I am talking about high school children. We have definitely got to take a stance. So I see values-based education as being extremely important.

I really want to compliment the hon. Minister too for insisting that although we have a security problem in schools and a discipline problem at our high schools and so forth, that security personnel should not be carrying guns. I like that; I think that we have to maintain that for now. We cannot have the school being a war zone. So values-based education—we are going to continue this debate another time, I know. I want to thank you for the few minutes I have had.

Thank you.

Mr. President: I am given to understand that there is only one other person to make a contribution, but it does not appear so from the hands that I see waving, because I was going to suggest that we continue and complete the Bill, then go for tea and we would be finished for the day. If it is agreeable, we would continue and then go for tea.

Sen. Laila Valere: Mr. President, this is my maiden speech in Parliament. First of all, I wanted to just thank the Minister, a friend of mine, for proposing the local school boards, because I do support it. But for it to be successful I have to support some of the contributions from some of the other Senators. It is a wonderful idea, bringing back the community, linking up the school with the community, and I think that is the way we need to go. The important thing here is

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