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Education (Amdt.) (No. 2) Bill

Tuesday, May 02, 2000

the composition of the boards. If we are really going to link up with the community, the composition of the boards must reflect the interest within the community and the people within the community.

That must also be linked up with the powers and what the boards are required to do. For instance, I looked just briefly at what the powers of the boards are and I was wondering if in the composition of the boards something could be said to ensure that the members have the skills, values and the wherewithal to be able to carry out their duties in an effective manner.

For instance, one of the things I see is that we need to have educators from the community. I am thinking that there may be many retired educators in the community. I do not know if something could be said in the composition that retirees from the community, people who have retired but have a big contribution to make and who may have the time to put into their community—because their remuneration is not a very big one—people who are committed to the community, should be on these boards. So, perhaps, we should have educators on the boards, psychologists and counsellors on the boards and people with skills that they can carry out what the boards require them to do effectively.

When we talk about these people, I know they may not go to church regularly, but they are committed to their religion and their spirituality in some way. They bring with them some values that will keep them committed to the boards, so we have to have people from the community and the choice of these people will be very important. Firstly, as Sen. Prof. Ramchand said, they must reside in the community. They must be people who have already served their community; they must be educators and be skilled in looking at plans and whatever. They must have relationships with the other people in the community.

So I do not know how these boards are going to be chosen, but I think something should be put in place to link up, to ensure that the composition of the boards is what we really need, because that is going to determine the success of these local boards.

That is all I wanted to say and I hope it is successful and that whatever we can do, we will do.

Sen. Dr. Eastlyn Mc Kenzie: Mr. President, I really did not intend to contribute to the Bill, but I want to make a few points.

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