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Education (Amdt.) (No. 2) Bill

Tuesday, May 02, 2000


not know what the problem is, whether it is a numbering problem or whether it is an omission. Could I ask the Minister? Ma’am, I was saying I have no 15 and I wonder whether it has been omitted.

Hon. Persad-Bissessar: I am advised that it is a typographical error. What is reading as 16 should in fact read 15. My apologies.

Sen. Dr. E. Mc Kenzie: Very quickly, Mr. President, I want to go to Part III of the regulations. It is clause 19(1)(a) of the regulations:

"Duties and Powers of the Board" I looked at just about four or five of them. "(a) in the development of a strategic plan for the school;"

Mr. President, do we know what is a strategic plan? A strategic plan for the school could incorporate all the professional work that is going on in the school. If we want to talk about a strategic plan for the plant, it is a different thing, but to talk about the development of a strategic plan for the school, we could talk about succession, all sorts of things that would include professional work and therefore, we would begin to encroach on the rights of supervisors and principals of the schools. Let us watch it.

I looked at (c): "in the development and implementation of school improvement plans"

Recently, Mr. President, $90,000 was given to schools for school improvement plans. Some of the matters they have listed for school improvement are professional things. They talk about curriculum and retraining of teachers, little of it is dealing with the plant. When we put:

"in the development and implementation of school improvement plans;"

we are saying the principals have these items listed for their school improvement and we are saying this board must be there in the development and implementation of the people's plan. If we have a real feisty type of board, they could push the principal aside and go ahead. We have to watch that. [Desk thumping]

I looked at (d):

"by receiving information, complaints and expressions of concern and hope from the public concerning the school and its members, and to make recommendations as they see fit and relay them to the competent authority;"

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