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Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 118 / Wednesday, June

20, 2007 / Notices

counseling, or other business management or administrative experience which indicates an ability to provide responsible technical and supervisory assistance; or

(ii) Be assisted by an organization which has such background experience and ability and which agrees in writing that it will provide, without charge, the assistance the applicant will need to carry out its responsibilities.

(3) Legally obligate itself to administer TSA funds, provide an adequate accounting of the expenditure of such funds, and comply with the grant agreement and applicable USDA Rural Development regulations;

(4) Demonstrate an understanding of the needs of low-income rural families;

(5) Have the ability and willingness to work within established guidelines; and

(6) If the applicant is engaged in or plans to become engaged in any other activities, it must be able to provide sufficient evidence and documentation that it has adequate resources, including financial resources, to carry on any other programs or activities to which it is committed without jeopardizing the success and effectiveness of its TSA project.

Cost sharing or matching. There is no cost sharing or matching requirement. However, applicants who submit evidence of cost sharing will receive points under Selection Criteria, paragraph V.(2)(v).

Other administrative requirements. The following policies and regulations apply to grants made under this program:

(1) The policies and regulations contained in 7 CFR part 1901, subpart E regarding equal opportunity requirements.

(2) The policies and regulations contained in 7 CFR part 1901, subpart F regarding historical and archaeological properties.

(3) The policies and regulations contained in 7 CFR part 1940, subpart G regarding Environmental Assessments.

IV. Application and Submission Information

The Federal government requires that all applicants for Federal grants and cooperative agreements with the exception of individuals other than sole proprietors, have a Dun & Bradstreet Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number. The Federal government will use the DUNS number to better identify related organizations that are receiving funding under grants and cooperative agreements, and to provide consistent name and address data for electronic grant application

systems. More information on this policy and how to obtain a DUNS number is available at http:// www.whitehouse.gov/omb/fedreg/ 062703_grant_identifier.pdf and http:// www.dnb.com.

Preapplication submission. (1) All applicants will file an original and two copies of the preapplication, including supporting information detailed below, with the appropriate State Office serving the proposed TSA area. Preapplications will consist of: Standard Form 424 (Form SF424), ‘‘Application for Federal Assistance;’’ Form SF424A, ‘‘Budget InformationNon-Construction Programs;’’ Form SF424B, ‘‘AssurancesNon-Construction Programs;’’ and supporting documentation as detailed below. The applicant organizations DUNS number must be provided.

If the TSA area encompasses more than one State Office, the preapplication will be filed at the State Office which serves the area in which the grantee will provide the greatest amount of TSA efforts. Additional informational copies of the preapplication will be sent by the applicant to the other affected State Office(s) clearly marked ‘‘For Information Purposes Only.’’ Applications for multi-state projects must designate the portion of funds and services to be provided to each state.

Where to file. Preapplication packages must be received prior to the deadline at the appropriate USDA Rural Development State Office. State Office addresses and contacts are:

Alabama State Office, Suite 601, Sterling Centre, 4121 Carmichael Road, Montgomery, AL 361063683, (334) 2793400, TDD (334) 2793618, Vann L. McCloud Alaska State Office, 800 West Evergreen, Suite 201, Palmer, AK 99645, (907) 7617740, TDD (907) 7618905, Deborah Davis Arizona State Office, Phoenix Courthouse and Federal Building, 230 North First Avenue, Suite 206, Phoenix, AZ 850031706, (602) 2808764, TDD (602) 2808706, Ernie Wetherbee Arkansas State Office, 700 W. Capitol Ave., Rm. 3416, Little Rock, AR 722013225, (501) 3013235, TDD (501) 3013063, Lawrence McCullough California State Office, 430 G Street, #4169, Davis, CA 956164169, (530) 7925816, TDD (530) 7925848, Bob Anderson Colorado State Office, 655 Parfet Street, Room E100, Lakewood, CO 80215, (720) 5442903, TDD (800) 6592656, Jamie Spakow

Connecticut, Served by Massachusetts State Office Delaware & Maryland State Office,1221 College Park Drive, Suite 200, Dover, DE 199048724, (302) 8573600, TDD (302) 8573585, Pat Baker Florida & Virgin Islands State Office, 4440 NW 25th Place, Gainesville, FL 326066563, (352) 3383436, TDD (352) 3383499, Daryl Cooper Georgia State Office, Stephens Federal Building, 355 E. Hancock Avenue, Athens, GA 306012768, (706) 5462169, TDD (706) 5462034, Douglas Canup Guam, Served by Hawaii State Office Hawaii State Office, (Services all Hawaii, American Samoa and Western Pacific), Room 311, Federal Building, 154 Waianuenue Avenue, Hilo, HI 96720, (808) 9338308, TDD (808) 9338321, Stephanie Taketa, Acting Idaho State Office, Suite A1, 9173 West Barnes Dr., Boise, ID 83709, (208) 3785627, TDD (208) 3785644, Roni Atkins Illinois State Office, 2118 West Park Court, Suite A, Champaign, IL 618212986, (217) 4036222, TDD (217) 4036240, Barry L. Ramsey Indiana State Office, 5975 Lakeside Boulevard, Indianapolis, IN 46278, (317) 2903096, TDD (317) 2903343, Paul Neumann Iowa State Office, 210 Walnut Street, Room 873, Des Moines, IA 50309, (515) 2844666, TDD (515) 2844858, Bruce McGuire Kansas State Office, 1303 SW First American Place, Suite 100, Topeka, KS 666044040, (785) 2712718, TDD (785) 2712767, Tim Rogers Kentucky State Office, 771 Corporate Drive, Suite 200, Lexington, KY 40503, (859) 2247322, TDD (859) 2247422, Denver Parks Louisiana State Office, 3727 Government Street, Alexandria, LA 71302, (318) 4737920, TDD (318) 4737655, Debbie Redfearn Maine State Office, 967 Illinois Ave., Suite 4, PO Box 405, Bangor, ME 044020405, (207) 9909110, TDD (207) 9427331, Dale Holmes Maryland, Served by Delaware State Office Massachusetts, Connecticut, & Rhode Island State Office, 451 West Street, Suite 2, Amherst, MA 01002, (413) 2534333, TDD (413) 2534590, Don Colburn Michigan State Office, 3001 Coolidge Road, Suite 200, East Lansing, MI 48823, (517) 3245192, TDD (517) 3376795, Rick Annis Minnesota State Office, 375 Jackson Street Building, Suite 410, St. Paul, MN 55101, (651) 6027792, TDD (651) 6027830, Lance Larson

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