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At this point, Photoshop is still in control. Your nal step is to congure the printer driver, while keeping in mind that it has no knowledge of what Photoshop has already done, and Photoshop has no knowledge of what the driver will subsequently do. You need to correctly set two very important settings.

In Mac OS, print settings control media and resolution (le). e color management option (righ ) lets you select No Color Adjustment for the printer driver.

  • e rst important group of settings is the media type and the associated print parameters,

such as print quality and resolution. ese settings control the amount of ink the printer lays down, so it’s critical that they match both the actual paper stock and the printer prole you’re using. Proles are paper-specic, so using a glossy paper prole on matte paper or vice versa will almost invariably produce bad results.

  • e second important setting is the color management parameters. If you’ve used Photoshop

to control your color transforms, it’s critical that you don’t also let the printer driver control them too; otherwise you get a second conversion on top of the one that Photoshop has already done. On Epson printers, the option that disables driver-level color management is No Color Adjustment. Other vendors may use dierent terminology, but the principle remains the same.

  • e dialog boxes and the locations of the printer driver settings vary between Mac OS and

Windows. e specic settings are consistent across platforms. You need to set the media type and print parameters, and then turn o the driver’s color management parameters.

In Windows, click Properties, and then click Advanced. Set the media type and resolution, and select No Color Adjustment for the Windows printer driver.

A Color Managed Raw Workflow From Camera to Print


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