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  • e image on the le is a color-managed screenshot of the actual so-proofed page. e image on the right is a

digital capture of the image printed and displayed on a GTI Daylight light box. Considering all of the iterations and media involved (screenshots and a copy shot of the prin ), it’s a close match.

Now your end print should match the Photoshop so proof accurately. e potential for error is anywhere, but there are two common errors resulting from improper settings. If your image is overly dark with a greenish cast, it’s likely that both the Photoshop color management and your printer driver’s color management settings are turned o, which result in no color man- agement being applied. If the print is too light with a magenta or red cast, it’s likely that the Photoshop and the printer driver’s color management are both turned on. is double color management is very common.

The workflow in a nutshell

Point 'A'

Point 'B'

The raw capture

The print

The color managed raw workflow

The Goal

The Prerequisite


Adobe Bridge

Camera Raw

Working space

Before you begin you must establish your calibrated and proled display environment.

Photoshop CS2

Print Dialog - Windows

Let Photoshop Determine Color

Raw Capture

Adobe Bridge

Camera Raw

Photoshop CS2

Processed image

Proof Setup

Corrections for printing

Conrming the monitor prole

Print Dialog - Mac OS

The Photoshop Color Settings

Print driver


Print driver

Printer Properties

No Color Adjustment

The print

Media settings

Color management settings

A Color Managed Raw Workflow From Camera to Print


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