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On one hand, using color management in Photoshop and Camera Raw is relatively easy if you precisely follow the correct steps in the correct order. On the other hand, it’s quite complicated and has the potential for mistakes at almost every turn. e process will get better. Talented people are working to improve and streamline the process. Until that time though, you have to learn the steps and exert control over the process. e good news is that this process works. You can process an image from camera to print in an accurate, consistent, and predictable manner and achieve a high degree of quality from digital images if you use color management correctly.

Je Schewe Je, a summa cum laude graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, has been an advertis- ing photographer in Chicago for over 25 years. He has been doing digital imaging for over 14 years and is widely known and respected in the digital imaging community as a leading pioneer in the eld. Je is a feature consultant and alpha tester for Adobe Photoshop.

Bruce Fraser Bruce emigrated from Edinburgh, Scotland where he escaped the dreary Scottish climes only to discover San Francisco’s equally chal- lenging weather. Rumor has it this was the inspiration of Bruce’s lifelong fascination with all things relating to color. Bruce has made a study of human vision and how it relates to reproducible color in photography and photo- mechanical reproduction.

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