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Click Save in the Color Settings dialog box (le) to save your custom color settings (righ ).

Configuring Camera Raw

Aer you’ve changed the Color Settings in Photoshop, you can begin to process raw images with Adobe Camera Raw. One of the best features of Camera Raw is that all of the heavy color management liing has already been done for you. Camera Raw contains built-in proles for each supported camera and oers a choice of four dierent output spaces, listed from largest to smallest: ProPhoto RGB, Adobe RGB, Colormatch RGB, and sRGB.

  • e Camera Raw dialog box and the four output spaces

Camera Raw’s image preview and histogram show the results of the eventual conversion from raw to processed image, so rather than relying on expert advice or arcane theory in choosing a color space for output, you can actually see the eects of choosing one space or another right in the Camera Raw dialog box.

Each output space renders a slightly dierent histogram.

As you choose dierent output spaces from the Space menu, the preview might change. e main dierence among the four spaces that Camera Raw supports is the color gamut, or the range of color, that they can contain.

A Color Managed Raw Workflow From Camera to Print

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