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Correlation Between Composite Lamination Theory, Void Effects and Experimental Data, Beckwith Technology Group, to Westinghouse Electric Corporation, June 1993.

Trident-I (C4) Operational Services Subcontract: Chamber Damage Final Report (with B. L. Hall, R. K. Dropek, L. G. Miklosy, and K. P. Steck), Hercules Report SA015-A2A-C4-OSS-015, February 1985.

Filament Wound Case Fracture Control Document (with D. S. Adams, G. E. Colvin, C. L. Dodson, T. J. Itchkawich, J. W. Kordig, M. J. Messick, and J. B. Goodro), Hercules Report WDI-(FWC-11), Volumes I and II, January 1985 (Revision 2).

Polaris Final Report: Aging Data Analysis (Motor Service Life Assessment: (1975-1982) (with P. A. Chadwick), Hercules Report R/C 2-77-202, Volumes I and II, June 1983.

Fracture Toughness Tests at Constant Strain Rate (with D. T. Wang), Tentative Standard (October 1982), Solid Propellant Mechanical Behavior Manual, CPIA Publication 21, October 1982 (Revision).

In-Situ Transensor Procedure for Aging Motors (Trident I) (with D. T. Wang), Hercules Report SAO-15-A2A-C4-OSC-006, December 1982.

FY-81 Polaris SS Annual Report: Cause and Prediction of Case Bond Separation (CBS) (with P. A. Chadwick, R. W. Arhart, T. H. Rytting), Hercules Report R/C 2-77-186, October 1981.

Technique Refinement for Grain Structural Analysis (with K. L. Laheru and D. T. Wang), Hercules/Thiokol Report SA015-A2A00HTJ-104, April 1981.

Polaris SS Aging Data Analysis Program (Motor Service Life Assessment), Hercules Report R/C 2-77-159, March 1981.

Interim NEPE Propellant Aging Program (with J. S. Elmslie and R. J. Baczuk), AFRPL-TR-80-53, October 1980.

Minuteman I State III Reentry System Launch Program (RSLP) Cumulative Damage Study, Hercules Report MTO-1124-085, June 1980.

Quick Look: Mechanical Properties Tests on Motor SN 32619 for Minuteman I Stage III Inspection Program, Hercules Report MTO-1124-084, June 1980.

Final Engineering Report: Dissection and Testing of LGM 30B Stage III Motor SN 32619, Hercules Report MTO-1124-083, May 1980.

Poseidon C3 Final Report: Second Stage Service Life Limiting Item Analysis (with G. A. Brensdal and H. T. Morgan), Hercules Report SA015-A2A00HTJ-099, March 1980.


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