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  • Expert Witness for civil suit involving carbon fiber suppliers (8) as materials and manufacturing technology expert in price-fixing suit on behalf of materials suppliers (US, Japan and European suppliers)

  • Consultant on composite manufacturing technology program for manufacturing vacuum- assisted resin infusion of 48-foot long-haul composite trailer (carbon/glass fiber with epoxy resin)

  • Expert Witness for owner of carbon composite Beech/Raytheon Starship with corrosion problems in composite fuselage using lightning strike metal carbon fabric/epoxy prepreg materials

  • Expert Witness for civil suit as composites manufacturing technology and design in case involving patent infringements on composites resin infusion manufacturing process for commercial aircraft, marine and advanced composites/FRP markets

  • Market survey study for carbon and graphite fiber supplier interested in thermoplastic composites market applications for commercial and military aircraft structures, as well as definition of carbon/graphite supplier base worldwide

BECKWITH TECHNOLOGY GROUP, LLC, Managing Member Taylorsville, Utah

Sept 1969 - Present

(Formerly Beckwith Design & Analysis Group prior to August 1990)

  • Development of large diameter pressurized FRP pipe products (pipe and joint fittings) that are outside existing API Standards for Kazakhstan customer through design, testing and process development

  • Key technical advisor to U.S. Departments of Commerce and State on the Materials Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) for composites/FRP materials, manufacturing, testing and design technology (US and International) from 1989 to 2002 (four Presidential appointments)

  • Established composite FRP production factory in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates with design, test verification and plant set-up for low-to-high pressure filament wound pipe, gravity sewer pipe and other pipe and fittings products made from epoxy, vinyl ester and polyester resin systems

  • Designed and developed carbon/epoxy composite drill pipe sections with heat pipe system for controlling temperature and contained pressure of solidified methane hydrate core samples obtained at greater than 1000-feet drill levels (Japanese client)

  • Consultant to Westinghouse Marine on drilling/production riser technology, oilfield environmental effects, and design technology for composites usage in oilfield industry

  • Consultant to Texas A&M University/University of Texas-Austin OTRC for composites technology and market development to oilfield composites applications


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