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Blom (2000) provides very different and on the other hand “clear” criteria for knowledge worker: Knowledge workers are those wageworkers who: 1) use information technology in work, 2) whose work demands planning or creativity, and 3) who have at least higher immediate school degree. (Blom, 2000. 423)

Despres & Hiltrop define knowledge worker:

Knowledge workers manipulate and orchestrate symbols and concepts, identify more strongly with their peers and professions than their organizations, have more rapid skill obsolescence and are more critical to the long-term success of the organization. (Despres & Hiltrop, 1995. 13)

Collins (1998) claims that:

No matter what we do we are all, in some form or other, knowledge workers. To accomplish even the simplest of tasks requires some kind of working knowledge, acquired both formally and informally from supervisors, friends and co-workers. (Collins, 1998)

Knowledge work typically entails the interpretation and manipulation of information, rather than relatively routine data collection and processing. Knowledge work entails an enormously diverse set of tasks and jobs. However, Ware & Degoey suggest two “ideal type” categories of knowledge workers: Knowledge executors and knowledge generators. This classification is illustrated in figure 3. Knowledge executors are those workers who handle existing knowledge by manipulating information through processes created or invented by others. Knowledge generators create new knowledge by manipulating information in such a way as to develop new solutions to a given problem, or to create new concepts or products. All knowledge work entails both kinds of activities. Some jobs entail more knowledge execution than knowledge generation. Examples of workers who predominately engage in knowledge execution activities are customer support technicians and loan officers. Examples of workers who engage mostly in knowledge generation activities include marketing strategists and product design engineers. (Ware & Degoey, 1998)

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