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  • Communities of knowledge workers – tools to support communities of practice in work; like organizing workspaces for communities for online discussions and distributed work.

  • Knowledge cartography – tools for mapping and categorizing knowledge, for core competence in a company to individual expertise; what we can refer to as metaknowledge.

  • The flow of knowledge – tools for supporting the interaction between tacit knowledge, explicit knowledge and metaknowledge; that is, that combines the three parts above.

(Dingsøyr & Røyrvik, 2003. 84-85)

5.3KNOWLEDGE WORKERS SOFTWARE (DAVIES) To perform the activities commonly associated with knowledge work tasks, knowledge workers should have a working knowledge of several software packages. These include a word processing program, plus six other packages: 1) a spreadsheet processor, 2) electronic mail and Internet, 3)

presentation graphics, 4) statistics, 5) a database package for structured data, and 6) a database

package for structured data, and 6) a database package for unstructured, text data. (Davies &

Naumann, 1997. 10)

5.4SUMMARY PKM and knowledge communication tools can be seen as a part of knowledge work tools. However PKM and knowledge communication tools are not enough in categorizing knowledge work tools. The categorization of knowledge work tools depends on the chosen knowledge work definition.


The way knowledge is seen influences on knowledge work and tools definitions. The way knowledge work is defined has a huge influence on research concerning the subject. Knowledge and knowledge work definitions can be quite universal. Context is important in measuring productivity of knowledge work and in choosing tools for knowledge worker.

Based on existing literature, knowledge work activities can be identified and supported with information technology, but some part of knowledge work is hard to support with information technology.

Davies provides a whole “package” about knowledge work with explicit definitions, descriptions and guidelines.

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