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Benefit/Risk Summary

This prospectus contains information about the material rights and features of the variable life policy that you should understand before investing. This summary describes the general provisions.

Policy Benefits

Death Benefits The Phoenix Edge® is a single premium fixed and variable universal life insurance policy. The policy is first and foremost, a life insurance policy. While the policy remains in force we will pay a death benefit to your named beneficiary when the person insured under the policy dies.

The policy’s death benefit is equal to the target face amount during the first month, and varies based on investment performance thereafter.

You may elect the Minimum Face Amount Rider with this policy. When you elect this Rider, the minimum face amount becomes the minimum death benefit beginning in the second policy month.

Partial Surrenders and Loans Generally, you may take loans against 75% of your policy’s cash surrender value during the first three policy years, and up to 90% of your policy’s cash surrender value thereafter.

You may surrender all or part of this policy anytime for any amount up to its cash surrender value. We may impose a surrender charge.

Partial surrenders and loans negatively affect the policy value and can increase the risk that the policy will lapse. Partial surrenders reduce the face amount of the policy. Additionally, each of these transactions has costs associated with them.

Investment Choices You may select from a wide variety of investment options and a Guaranteed Interest Account. Each investment option invests directly in a professionally managed fund. You may transfer policy value among any of the investment options and the Guaranteed Interest Account while continuing to defer current income taxes.

Asset Allocation and Strategic Programs You may also elect an asset allocation or strategic program through which to allocate your premiums and policy value. Participation in a program is optional. Although we may offer other programs in the future, whether those programs will be made available to both current and prospective policy owners will be determined at the sole discretion of the Company. For more information on the programs, refer to the section on “Asset Allocation and Strategic Programs.

Temporary Insurance Coverage We will issue you a Temporary Insurance Receipt when you submit the complete, signed application and issue premium. This will provide you with immediate insurance protection under the terms set forth in the policy and in the Receipt.

Your Right to Cancel the Policy You have the right to review the policy and cancel it if you are not satisfied. Simply return the policy to us within ten days after you


receive it, or within 45 days of signing the application. Your state may require a longer period.

Policy Risks

Suitability Risk Variable life insurance is designed for long term financial planning, and the policy is not suitable as a short-term investment. A sales charge, premium tax charges and an issue administration fee are assessed at issue and deducted over the first ten policy years and all unpaid charges will be due upon surrender. Therefore, it may not be appropriate for you to purchase a policy if you foresee the need to surrender it for its policy value during the first several policy years.

Replacements Replacing any existing policy with this policy may not be to your advantage. You should talk with your registered representative before you replace your variable life insurance policy. You should carefully compare the risks, charges, and benefits of your existing policy to the replacement policy to determine if replacing your existing contract benefits you. Additionally, replacing your policy could result in adverse tax consequences so you should also consult with your tax professional. You should know that once you have replaced your variable life insurance policy, you generally cannot reinstate it unless the insurer is required to reinstate the previous policy under state law. This is true even if you choose not to accept your new variable life insurance policy during your “free look” period.

Conflicts of Interest Broker-dealers and registered representatives often sell products issued by several different and unaffiliated insurance companies and the amount of compensation payable may vary significantly. Additionally, compensation paid to a broker-dealer or registered representative will also vary between products issued by the same insurance company, including additional compensation payable as part of certain service arrangements. A broker-dealer and its registered representatives may have an incentive to promote or sell one product over another depending on these differences in the compensation, potentially resulting in the sale of a product that may not be the best product to suit your needs. You should talk to your registered representative if you have questions about potential conflicts of interest that may be created by varying compensation plans. You can find more information about the types of compensation arrangements we offer in the “Distribution” section of this prospectus.

Tax Effects As a modified single premium variable life insurance policy, your ability to make additional premium payments beyond the initial payment is limited.

Most modified single premium life insurance policies are considered modified endowment contracts for federal income tax purposes. Therefore, income tax plus a 10% penalty could apply to any surrenders, withdrawals or loans, and also if you pledge or assign the policy,

Current federal income tax law does not generally tax death benefits. Earnings on the premiums invested in the Separate

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