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Phoenix Life Insurance Company

Phoenix Life Insurance Company is a New York stock life insurance company incorporated May 1, 1851, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Phoenix Companies, Inc., a Delaware corporation. We sell life insurance policies and annuity contracts through our affiliated distribution companies and through brokers. Our executive and administrative office is at One American Row in Hartford, Connecticut 06103-2899 and our statutory home office is at 31 Tech Valley Drive in East Greenbush, New York 12061. We sell life insurance policies and annuity contracts through producers of affiliated distribution companies and through brokers.

Throughout this prospectus we will refer to Phoenix Life Insurance Company as “Phoenix” and in the first person (i.e. as “we”, “us”, “our”, “Company”).

Phoenix Life Variable Universal Life Account

We established the Separate Account as a separate account of Phoenix on June 17, 1985 in accordance with New York law. The Separate Account is registered with the SEC as a unit investment trust under the Investment Company Act of 1940. The SEC does not supervise the Separate Account’s management, investment practices or policies, nor those of Phoenix.

The Separate Account is divided into investment options, each of which is available for allocation of policy value. We determine the value of each investment option’s shares at the end of every valuation day that the New York Stock (”NYSE”) Exchange is open. Each investment option will invest solely in a single investment portfolio of a fund. The fund names and the portfolio names are listed on page one of this prospectus. Each portfolio’s investment objective is given in Appendix A.

Under Connecticut law, all income, gains or losses whether or not realized of the Separate Account must be credited to or charged against the amounts placed in the Separate Account without regard to the other income, gains and losses, whether or not realized, from any other business or activity of PLIC. The assets of the Separate Account may not be used to pay liabilities arising out of any other business that PLIC may conduct. The Separate Account has several investment options that invest in underlying mutual funds. Obligations under the contracts are obligations of PLIC.

Phoenix does not guarantee the investment performance of the Separate Account or any of its investment options. The policy value allocated to the Separate Account depends on the investment performance of the underlying funds. As policy owner, you bear the full investment risk for all monies invested in the Separate Account.

We reserve the right to add, remove, modify, or substitute portfolios in which the Separate Account invests.

Copies of the fund prospectuses may be obtained by writing to us or calling us at the address or telephone number provided on the front page of this prospectus.


Valuation Date A valuation date is every day the NYSE is open for trading and Phoenix is open for business. However, transaction processing may be postponed for the following reasons

  • 1.

    the NYSE is closed or may have closed early;

  • 2.

    the SEC has determined that a state of emergency exists; or

  • 3.

    on days when a certain market is closed (e.g., the U.S. Government bond market is closed on Columbus Day and Veteran’s Day).

The NYSE Board of Directors reserves the right to change the NYSE schedule as conditions warrant. On each valuation date, the value of the Separate Account is determined at the close of the NYSE (currently 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time).

Performance History We may choose to include performance history of the investment options or the underlying portfolios in advertisements, sales literature or reports. Performance information about each investment option is based on past performance and is not an indication of future performance.

Voting Rights

We legally own all fund shares held by the investment options; however we vote those shares at shareholder meetings according to voting instructions we receive from policy owners with an interest in the investment options. We may decide to vote the shares in our own right should the law change to permit us to do so.

While your policy is in effect, you may provide us with voting instructions for each investment option in which you have an interest. We determine the number of votes you may cast by applying your percentage interest in an investment option to the total number of votes attributable to the investment option. When determining the number of votes, fractional shares will be recognized.

We will send you, or if permitted by law, make available electronically, proxy material, reports and other materials relevant to the investment options in which you have a voting interest. In order to vote you must complete the proxy form and return it with your voting instructions. You may also be able to vote your interest by telephone or over the Internet if such instructions are included in the proxy material. We will vote all of the shares we own on your behalf, in accordance with your instructions. We will vote the shares for which we do not receive instructions, and any other shares we own, in the same proportion as the shares for which we do receive instructions.

We may ask you to provide voting instructions for such items as:

  • 1)

    the election or removal of the fund’s Trustees;

  • 2)

    the ratification of the independent accountants for the fund;

  • 3)

    approval or amendment of investment advisory agreements;

  • 4)

    a change in fundamental policies or restrictions of the series;


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