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5) any other matters requiring a shareholder vote.

You may obtain any available fund’s prospectus by contacting us at the address and telephone number given on page one.

The Variable Investment Options

You choose the variable investment options to which you allocate your premium payments. These variable investment options are investment options of the Separate Account. The Investment options invest in the underlying funds. You are not investing directly in the underlying fund. Each underlying fund is a portfolio of an open-end management investment company that is registered with the SEC under the Investment Company Act of 1940. These underlying funds are not publicly traded and are offered only through variable annuity and variable life insurance products, or directly to tax qualified plans. They are not the same retail mutual funds as those offered outside of a variable annuity or variable life insurance product, or directly to tax qualified plans, although the investment practices and fund names may be similar, and the portfolio managers may be identical. Accordingly, the performance of the retail mutual fund is likely to be different from that of the underlying fund, and you should not compare the two.

The underlying funds offered through this product are selected by the Company based on several criteria, including asset class coverage, the strength of the manager’s reputation and tenure, brand recognition, performance, and the capability and qualification of each sponsoring investment firm. Another factor the Company considers during the initial selection process is whether the underlying fund or an affiliate of the underlying fund will compensate the Company for providing administrative, marketing, and support services that would otherwise be provided by the underlying fund, the underlying fund’s investment advisor, or its distributor. Finally, when the Company develops a variable annuity (or life) product in cooperation with a fund family or distributor (e.g., a “private label” product), the Company will generally include underlying funds based on recommendations made by the fund family or distributor, whose selection criteria may differ from the Company’s selection criteria.

Each underlying fund is reviewed periodically after having been selected. Upon review, the Company may remove an underlying fund or restrict allocation of additional premium payments to an underlying fund if the Company determines the underlying fund no longer meets one or more of the criteria and/or if the underlying fund has not attracted significant policy owner assets.

In addition, if any of the underlying funds become unavailable for allocating premium payments, or if we believe that further investment in an underlying fund is inappropriate for the purposes of the policy, we may substitute another variable investment option. However, we will not make any substitutions without notifying you and obtaining any state and SEC approval, if necessary. From time to time we may make new variable investment options available.

Each investment option of the Separate Account is subject to market fluctuations and the risks that come with the ownership


of any security; and there can be no assurance that any series will achieve its stated investment objective.

You will find detailed information about the underlying funds and their inherent risks in the current prospectuses for the underlying funds. Since each option has varying degrees of risk, please read the prospectuses carefully. There is no assurance that any of the underlying funds will meet its investment objectives. Copies of the fund prospectuses may be obtained by contacting us at the address or telephone number provided on the first page of this prospectus.

Administrative, Marketing and Support Service Fees

The Company and the principal underwriter for the policy have entered into agreements with the investment adviser, subadviser, distributor, and/or affiliated companies of most of the underlying funds under which the company and the principal underwriter for the policies receive payments. We have also entered into agreements with the Phoenix Edge Series Fund and its advisor, Phoenix Variable Advisors, Inc., with whom we are affiliated. These agreements compensate the Company and the principal underwriter for the policies for providing certain administrative, marketing, or other support services to the underlying funds. Proceeds of these payments may be used for any corporate purpose, including payment of expenses that the Company and the principal underwriter for the policies incur in promoting, issuing, distributing and administering the policies. As stated previously, such payments are a factor in choosing which funds to offer in the Company’s variable products. These payments may be significant and the Company and its affiliates may profit from them.

The payments are generally based on a percentage of the average assets of each underlying fund allocated to the variable investment options under the policy or other contracts offered by the Company. The amount of the fee that an underlying fund and its affiliates pay the Company and/or the Company’s affiliates is negotiated and varies with each underlying fund. Aggregate fees relating to the different underlying funds may be as much as 0.40% of the average net assets of an underlying fund attributable to the relevant contracts. A portion of these payments may come from revenue derived from the Distribution and/or Service Fees (12b-1 fees) that are paid by an underlying fund out of its assets as party of its Total Annual Operating Expenses and is not paid directly from the assets of your variable insurance policy.

The Guaranteed Interest Account

In addition to the Separate Account, you may allocate premiums or transfer values to the Guaranteed Interest Account. Amounts you allocate to the Guaranteed Interest Account are deposited in our general account. You do not share in the investment experience of our general account. Rather, we guarantee a minimum rate of return on the allocated amounts. Although we are not obligated to credit interest at a higher rate than the minimum, we will credit any excess interest as determined by us based on expected investment yield information.

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