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We reserve the right to limit total deposits and transfers to the Guaranteed Interest Account to no more than $250,000 during any one-week period per policy.

You may make transfers into the Guaranteed Interest Account at any time. In general, you may make only one transfer per year from the Guaranteed Interest Account. The amount that can be transferred out is limited to the greatest of $1,000 or 25% of the policy value in the Guaranteed Interest Account as of the date of the transfer. You may transfer the total value out of the Guaranteed Interest Account to one or more of the investment options over a consecutive 4-year period according to the

following schedu


First Year: Second Year: Third Year: Fourth Year:

25% of the total value 33% of remaining value 50% of remaining value 100% of remaining value

Transfers from the Guaranteed Interest Account may also be subject to other rules as described in this prospectus.

Because of exemptive and exclusionary provisions, we have not registered interests in our general account under the Securities Act of 1933. Also, we have not registered our general account as an investment company under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended. Therefore, neither the general account nor any of its interests are subject to these Acts, and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) has not reviewed the general account disclosures. These disclosures may, however, be subject to certain provisions of the federal securities law regarding accuracy and completeness of statements made in this prospectus.

Charges and Deductions

General Charges affect your policy value and the amount you may receive from your policy.

We make deductions to compensate us for our various expenses in selling, maintaining, underwriting and issuing the policy and guaranteeing the insurance benefits.

Periodic Charges Daily Charges

Mortality and Expense Risk Charge. We assume a mortality risk that, as a whole, the people we insure may die sooner than expected. We would then pay greater total death benefits than we had expected.

We assume an expense risk that expenses we incur in issuing and maintaining the policies may exceed the administrative charges expected for the policies.

We also assume other risks associated with issuing the policies, such as incurring greater than expected costs incurred due to policy loans.


If the expenses do not exceed the charges, or if our mortality projections prove to be accurate, we may profit from this charge. We may use profits from this charge for any proper purpose, including the payment of sales expenses or any other expenses that may exceed income in a given year.

Every business day we deduct a charge from amounts allocated to the Separate Account at an annualized rate of 0.50%. We do not deduct a Mortality and Expense Risk Charge from policy value in the Guaranteed Interest Account, for either the loaned or non-loaned portion.

Loan Interest Charged. We charge your policy for outstanding loans as illustrated in the tables below. As shown, the rate we charge your policy is higher than the rate we credit the loaned portion of the Guaranteed Interest Account. The difference is to compensate us for costs associated with administering the loans.

Loan Interest Rate

Rate we credit the loaned portion of the Guaranteed Interest

Charged 8%

Account 7.25%

Loans can reduce the policy’s death benefit. We deduct the amount of any outstanding loans plus any accrued loan interest from your policy value before we calculate the death benefit.

Fund Charges. As compensation for investment management services to the funds, the advisors are entitled to fees, payable monthly and based on an annual percentage of the average aggregate daily net asset values of each series. These fund charges and other expenses are described more fully in the accompanying fund prospectuses.

Monthly Charges We make monthly deductions on each monthly calculation day from the investment options and the non-loaned portion of the Guaranteed Interest Account according to your specified allocation schedule. You initially choose this schedule in your application, but can change it later. Should any of the investment options on your schedule become depleted, unless we agree otherwise, we will proportionally increase the deduction from the remaining investment options.

Cost of Insurance. We determine this charge by multiplying the appropriate cost of insurance rate by the amount at risk. The amount at risk is the difference between your policy’s death benefit and your policy value. We generally base our rates on the insured persons’ gender, attained age, and risk class. We also consider the duration, or how long the policy has been in force. We are not permitted to consider gender as a factor in some states and under certain qualified plans. We base the actual monthly cost of insurance charge on what we expect our future mortality experiences will be. Charges will not exceed the guaranteed cost of insurance rates set forth in your policy. The guaranteed maximum rates are equal to 100% of the 1980 Commissioners Standard Ordinary (“CSO”) Mortality Table, adjusted for risk classifications. We will apply any change in our cost of insurance rates uniformly to all

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