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sending a written request to VULA. Generally, the change will take effect as of the date your request is signed.

If no beneficiary is living when the person insured dies we will pay you the death benefit, unless you have given us other instructions; or, if you are no longer living, we will pay the death benefit to your estate.

Maturity Date Unless the policy has terminated, it will mature on its policy maturity date. Upon written request we will pay you the surrender value on that date in one sum, or you may direct that we apply the surrender value under any of the various payment options. See “Payment of Proceeds – Payment Options” for additional information.

Contract Limitations

Assignment You may assign the policy. We will not be bound by such assignment until we receive a written copy of the assignment, nor will we be liable for any payment we make before then. We assume no responsibility for determining whether an assignment is valid.

Purchasing a Policy

Underwriting Procedures Underwriting is generally on a simplified basis, meaning that if you answer a series of questions favorably, and if your age and single premium fall within limits, then the policy will be issued. No additional medical information or tests will be necessary.

In some instances, depending on how you answer these questions, you may be subject to additional underwriting. We will accept payment with your application and allocate the premium as described below. We retain the right to refuse to process your application within seven days after we receive it. Should we decline to process your application, we will return the premium you paid. We retain the right to decline to issue your policy even if we have approved your application for processing. Should we decline to issue your policy, we will refund to you the same amount we would refund had the policy been returned during your “right to cancel” period.

Eligible Purchasers You may purchase a policy on the life of any person as long as you have an insurable interest in the person to be insured and that person’s consent. The person you insure must be less than 75 years old.

Premium Payment The minimum premium of $10,000 is due on the policy date, and the person to be insured must be living at that time. We will not apply your initial premium payment before we approve you for coverage. If you submit the initial premium payment before we make a coverage determination, we will deposit your premium into a non-interest bearing account. You will have a limited ability to make additional premium payments.

We will generally allocate the issue premium, less applicable charges, according to your instructions on the valuation date we approve you for coverage assuming we have received your


completed application in good order. We will apply the net premium among your chosen investment options by purchasing investment option units at the investment option unit values next calculation after we receive your payment.

We may issue some policies with a Temporary Money Market Allocation Amendment. Under this amendment we allocate the net issue premium and the net of other premiums paid during your right to cancel period to the Phoenix Money Market Investment Option. When your right to cancel expires we allocate the policy value among the investment options and/or the Guaranteed Interest Account according to your instructions. We may use the Temporary Money Market Allocation Amendment depending on the state of issue and under certain other circumstances.

Additional Premium Payments If the variable death benefit on the first day of any policy year is less than the highest variable death benefit reached during the previous policy year, we will allow you 60 days to make limited additional premium payments. Your additional premium may not exceed either A or B:

  • A)

    The amount that would increase the variable death benefit enough to match the highest variable death benefit reached during the previous policy year. We reduce this amount by the result of any partial withdrawal you may have taken during the previous policy year.

  • B)

    The premium payment that would increase the variable death benefit as of the beginning of the policy year, to the current target face amount.

The minimum premium payment we will accept during a grace period is the amount needed to prevent policy lapse.

You may elect to pay subsequent premiums by pre-authorized check. Under this service, we automatically deduct premiums each month from a bank account you designate. We will not send a bill for these automatic payments. Withdrawals from your bank account will be made on the 15 of each month. You may commence the pre-authorized check serviced at any time, unless your policy has entered its grace period.

You can discontinue this service by contacting our VPMO. We must receive notification of account changes at our VPMO at least 30 days before the next draft date. Upon termination of this service, the premium payment frequency will be changed to the most frequent modal premium available under your policy. We may automatically switch you to quarterly billing if we are unable to obtain the premium payment from your bank account. We may discontinue this service with 30 days’ written notice to you.

Payment by Check We may wait to credit your policy if you pay by check until your check has cleared your bank.

Allocation of Premium We will generally allocate the issue premium less applicable charges to the Separate Account or to the Guaranteed Interest Account upon receipt of a completed application, in accordance with the allocation instructions in the application for a policy. However, policies issued in certain states and policies issued in

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