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certain states pursuant to applications which state the policy is intended to replace existing insurance, are issued with a Temporary Money Market Allocation Amendment. Under this Amendment, we temporarily allocate the entire issue premium paid less applicable charges (along with any other premiums paid during your right to cancel period) to the Phoenix Money Market Investment Option of the Separate Account and, at the expiration of the right to cancel period, the policy value of the Phoenix Money Market Investment Option is allocated among the investment options of the Separate Account or to the Guaranteed Interest Account in accordance with the applicant’s allocation instructions in the application for insurance.

Premium payments received during a grace period will first be used to cover any monthly deductions during the grace period. Any balance will be applied on the payment date to the various investment options of the Separate Account or to the Guaranteed Interest Account, based on the premium allocation schedule elected in the application for the policy or by your most recent instructions.

We may delay the application of a subsequent premium payment if applying it would cause the policy to become a MEC. Generally, we will apply the portion of the subsequent premium payment that will not cause the policy to become a MEC and we will refund the balance to you. However, if we receive a subsequent premium payment that will cause the policy to become a MEC within 20 days prior to the policy anniversary date, we will hold the portion of the subsequent premium payment that would cause MEC status. We will apply the remaining portion on the policy anniversary date when it can be applied without creating a MEC. If it is your intention to create a MEC or if you would like the portion of the premium payment that will create a MEC returned to you, you must notify us in writing within thirty days of the policy anniversary date. If you intend to create a MEC, you will be required to sign a form acknowledging that you understand the tax consequences of MEC status.

For policies in which a material change impacting the 7-pay limit or 7-pay period occurred, if the material change caused the start of the 7-pay year to no longer coincide with the policy anniversary, the procedure described above for holding payments may not apply. Generally speaking, the 7-pay limit and 7-pay period are measures of the amount of premium that can be paid into a life insurance contract without causing the contract to become a MEC under federal tax law. For additional information about the 7-pay test, see the “Modified Endowments Contracts” section of this prospectus.

Policy Refund Should you exercise your right to cancel your policy, we will treat your policy as if we had never issued it. For policies other than those issued with a Temporary Money Market Allocation Amendment, we will return the sum of the following:

  • 1)

    the current policy value less any unpaid loans and loan interest as of the date we receive the returned policy; plus

  • 2)

    any monthly deductions, partial surrender fees and other charges made under the policy.


We will refund the premium paid less any unpaid loans and loan interest, and also less any partial surrenders taken from the policy if your policy was issued with the Temporary Money Market Amendment.

We retain the right to decline to process the completed application for insurance during the seven days after we receive it. If we decline to process the application, we will return the premium paid. Even if we have approved the application for processing, we retain the right to decline to issue the policy. If we decline to issue the policy, we will refund to you the same amount as would have been refunded under the policy had it been issued but returned for refund while you have your right to cancel.


Postponement of Payments We may postpone payment of surrenders, partial withdrawals, policy loan or death benefits under certain circumstances. We may also postpone investment option transfers under any of the following circumstances:

we may postpone for up to six months, payment for any transaction that depends on the value of the Guaranteed Interest Account;

we may postpone payment whenever the NYSE is closed other than for customary weekend and holiday closings, trading on the NYSE is restricted, on days when a certain market is closed (e.g., the U.S. Government bond market is closed on Columbus Day and Veteran’s Day); or

when the SEC decides an emergency exists and the sale of securities or the determination of the value of securities in the Separate Account is not reasonably practicable.

Transfers also may be postponed under these circumstances.

Federal laws designed to counter terrorism and prevent money laundering might, in certain circumstances require us to block a policy owner’s ability to make certain transactions and, as a result, we may refuse to accept requests for transfers, withdrawals, surrenders or death benefits, until we are so instructed by the appropriate regulator. We may also be required to provide additional information about you and your policy to government regulators.

Optional Insurance Benefits The following rider may be available if approved in your state. We may make additional riders available in future.

Minimum Face Amount Rider. This rider allows you to elect a minimum face amount which will be the minimum death benefit we will pay beginning in the second policy month. This rider may increase the amount Phoenix has at risk for the policy and thereby could result in a greater cost of insurance charge than would apply to a policy without the rider. The minimum face amount many not exceed the target face amount at issue.

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