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amount, we will consider the longer period certain as having been elected.

W e u s e a n a n n u a l i n t e r e s t r a t e o f 3 3 8 % f o r f r a c t i o n s t o c o m p u t payments for any life annuity with a period certain of less than e 2 0 y e a r s . W e u s e a n a n n u a l i n t e r e s t r a t e o f 3 1 4 % t o c o m p u payments for any life annuity with a period certain of 20 years or more. t e

Payment Option 5—Life Annuity We pay equal installments to the payee for life beginning on the date of settlement. When the payee dies we will make no more payments of any kind. We will use a guaranteed annual interest r a t e o f a t l e a s t 3 1 2 % t o c o m p u t e p a y m e n t s u n d e r t h i s o p t i o n .

Payment Option 6—Payments of a Specified Amount We pay equal installments out of the principal and interest on that principal until the principal remaining is less than the amount of the installment. We then make a final payment of the remaining principal and interest. We pay the first installment on the date of settlement. Payments will include interest on the remaining principal at a guaranteed annual rate of at least 3%. We will credit interest at the end of each year. Should the interest credited at the end of the year exceed the income payments made in the preceding 12 months, we will pay the excess in one sum.

Payment Option 7—Joint Survivorship Annuity with 10-year Period Certain We pay equal installments beginning on the settlement date for a minimum of ten years continuing thereafter as long as either payee is alive. Should both payees die before the 10-year period certain ends, we will make the remaining payments to their beneficiaries.

The younger payee must be at least 40 years old. We will use a g u a r a n t e e d a n n u a l i n t e r e s t r a t e o f a t l e a s t 3 3 8 % t o c o m p u t payments under this option. e

Surrenders You may take a full or partial surrender of your policy at any time as long as at least one insured person is living and the policy is in force. The amount available for surrender will be the cash surrender value at the end of the valuation period during which we receive the surrender request.

We generally pay a surrendered amount within seven days of receiving your written request in good order. You may choose to receive a surrendered amount in a lump sum or you may apply it to any of our available payment options. We may postpone surrender payments under certain circumstances.

Full Surrenders You may fully surrender your policy by sending the policy to us along with the written release and surrender of all claims in a form satisfactory to us at VPMO.

Partial Surrenders and Free Withdrawals You may obtain a partial surrender of the policy’s cash surrender value as long as the person insured is living and the policy is in force. We require you to send us a written request and may also require you to return the policy before we make payment. A partial surrender will be effective on the date we receive your


written request or on the date we receive the policy. You may receive surrender proceeds under any of our available payment options.

We do not normally permit partial surrenders of less than $500. We may require you to surrender the entire value allocated to an investment option if the partial surrender would result in a value below $500 in that investment option.

You may choose in how we deduct a partial surrender and the associated partial surrender fee from among your investment options. If you do not choose, we will make the deductions in the same manner as for monthly deductions.

We will reduce your policy value by the sum of the partial surrender amount and the partial surrender fee.

Transfer of Policy Value

Internet, Interactive Voice Response and Telephone Transfers You may transfer your policy value among the available investment options and make changes to your premium payment allocations by Internet, Interactive Voice Response (“IVR”) or telephone. You may write to VPMO or call VULA between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM, Eastern Time. (The appropriate address and telephone number are on page 1.) The Company may discontinue any of these options and may provide other options at any time.

We will execute a written request the day we receive it at VPMO. We will execute transfers on the day you make the request except as noted below.

We do not charge for transfers at this time. However, we reserve the right to charge a fee of $10 for each transfer after your first two transfers in a policy year. Should we begin imposing this charge, we would not count transfers made under a Systematic Transfer Program toward the two-transfer limit.

You may permit your registered representative to submit transfer requests on your behalf.

Phoenix and Phoenix Equity Planning Corporation (“PEPCO”), our national distributor, will use reasonable procedures to confirm that transfer instructions are genuine. We require verification of account information and will record telephone instructions on tape. You will receive written confirmation of all transfers. Phoenix and PEPCO may be liable for following unauthorized instructions if we fail to follow our established security procedures. However, you will bear the risk of a loss resulting from instructions entered by an unauthorized third party that Phoenix and PEPCO reasonably believe to be genuine.

We may modify or terminate your transfer and allocation privileges at any time. You may find it difficult to exercise these privileges during times of extreme market volatility. In such a case, you should submit your request in writing.

Transfer Restrictions We do not permit transfers of less than $500 unless either:

the entire balance in the investment option or the Guaranteed Interest Account is being transferred; or

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