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the transfer is part of a Systematic Transfer Program.

We reserve the right to prohibit a transfer to any investment option if the value of your investment in that investment option immediately after the transfer would be less than $500. We further reserve the right to require that the entire balance of an investment option or the Guaranteed Interest Account be transferred if the value of your investment in that investment option immediately after the transfer, would be less than $500.

You may make only one transfer per policy year from the non-loaned portion of the Guaranteed Interest Account unless the transfers are made as part of a Systematic Transfer Program or unless we agree to make an exception to this rule. The amount you may transfer is limited to the greatest of $1,000 or 25% of the value of the non-loaned portion of the Guaranteed Interest Account. You may transfer policy value into the Guaranteed Interest Account at anytime.

Market Timing and Other Disruptive Trading

We discourage market timing activity, frequent transfers of policy value among investment options and other activity determined to be “Disruptive Trading”, as described below. Your ability to make transfers among investment options under the policy is subject to modification if we determine, in our sole opinion, that your exercise of the transfer privilege constitutes “Disruptive Trading” that may disadvantage or potentially harm the rights or interests of other policy owners.

“Disruptive Trading” includes, but is not limited to: frequent purchases, redemptions and transfers; transfers into and then out of an investment option in a short period of time; and transfers of large amounts at one time. The risks and harmful effects of Disruptive Trading include:

dilution of the interests of long-term investors in an investment option, if market timers or others transfer into or out of the investment option rapidly in order to take advantage of market price fluctuations;

an adverse affect on portfolio management, as determined by portfolio management in its sole discretion, such as causing the underlying fund to maintain a higher level of cash than would otherwise be the case, or causing the underlying fund to liquidate investments prematurely; and

increased brokerage and administrative expenses.

To protect our policy owners and the underlying funds from Disruptive Trading, we have adopted certain policies and procedures.

Under our Disruptive Trading policy, we can modify your transfer privileges for some or all of the investment options. Modifications include, but are not limited to, not accepting a transfer request from you or from any person, asset allocation service, and/or market timing service made on your behalf. We may also limit the amount that may be transferred into or out of any investment option at any one time. Unless prohibited by the terms of your policy, we may (but are not obligated to):


limit the dollar amount and frequency of transfers (e.g., prohibit more than one transfer a week, or more than two a month, etc.),

restrict the method of making a transfer (e.g., require that all transfers into a particular investment option be sent to our Service Center by first class U.S. mail and/or rescind telephone, internet, IVR or fax transfer privileges),

require a holding period for some investment options (e.g., prohibit transfers into a particular investment option within a specified period of time after a transfer out of that investment option),

impose redemption fees on short-term trading (or implement and administer redemption fees imposed by one or more of the underlying funds), or

impose other limitations or restrictions.

Currently, we attempt to detect Disruptive Trading by monitoring both the dollar amount of individual transfers and the frequency of a policy owner’s transfers. With respect to both dollar amount and frequency, we may consider an individual transfer alone or when combined with transfers from other policies owned by or under the control or influence of the same individual or entity. We currently review transfer activity on a regular basis. We also consider any concerns brought to our attention by the managers of the underlying funds. We may change our monitoring procedures at any time without notice.

Because we reserve discretion in applying these policies, they may not be applied uniformly. However, we will to the best of our ability apply these policies uniformly. Consequently, there is a risk that some policy owners could engage in Disruptive Trading while others will bear the effects of their activity.

Currently, we attempt to detect Disruptive Trading by monitoring activity for all policies. Possible Disruptive Trading activity may result in our sending a warning letter advising the owner of our concern. Regardless of whether a warning letter is sent, once we determine that Disruptive Trading activity has occurred, we may revoke the owner’s right to make Internet and IVR transfers. We will notify policy owners in writing (by mail to their address of record on file with us) if we limit their trading.

We have adopted these policies and procedures as a preventative measure to protect all policy owners from the potential affects of Disruptive Trading, while recognizing the need for policy holders to have available reasonable and convenient methods of making transfers that do not have the potential to harm other policy owners.

We currently do not make any exceptions to the policies and procedures discussed above to detect and deter Disruptive Trading. We may reinstate Internet, IVR, telephone and fax transfer privileges after they are revoked, but we will not reinstate these privileges if we have reason to believe that they might be used thereafter for Disruptive Trading.

We cannot guarantee that our monitoring will be 100% successful in detecting and restricting all transfer activity that constitutes Disruptive Trading. Moreover, we cannot guarantee that revoking or limiting a policy owner’s Internet, IVR, telephone

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