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size of the issuer (large cap, mid cap, small cap) or type of issuer (government, corporate, municipal).

We currently offer the following: programs: Franklin Templeton Founding Investment Strategy, Phoenix-Ibbotson Strategic Asset Allocation, and Phoenix Dynamic Asset Allocation Series which are described below. For ease of reference, throughout this section of the prospectus, we refer to these asset allocation and strategic programs, simply as “programs”, and we refer to the asset allocation options available within the programs, as “options.” There is presently no additional charge for participating in these programs and options. We may, on a prospective basis, charge fees for individual programs and may vary fees among the available programs.

You may participate in only one program at a time. Subject to regulatory requirements and approvals, in the future we may modify or eliminate any existing program or option, or may offer other asset allocation services which, at our discretion, may be available to current and/or prospective policy owners. For the most current information on any program or option, please contact your registered representative.

Selecting a Program and Option If you are interested in adding a program, consult with your registered representative to discuss your choices. For certain programs, a questionnaire may be used to help you and your registered representative assess your financial needs, investment time horizon, and risk tolerance. You should periodically review these factors to determine if you need to change programs or options. You may at any time switch your current program or option, as well as to any modified or new programs or options the Company may make available. You may cancel your participation in a program at any time, and later re-enroll in a program, after first consulting with your registered representative and then contacting our Main Administrative Office. If a program is eliminated, you will receive notice and you may choose, in consultation with your registered representative, among the other programs available at that time.

The following programs are currently available:

Franklin Templeton Founding Investment Strategy Through the Franklin Templeton Founding Investment Strategy, premium payments and policy value are allocated to the three investment options as listed below. On a monthly basis, we will rebalance the policy value allocated to the three investment options back to the original allocation percentages in each investment option.

  • Franklin Income Securities Fund – 34%

  • Mutual Shares Securities Fund – 33%

  • Templeton Growth Securities Fund – 33%

Phoenix-Ibbotson Strategic Asset Allocation PHL Variable and Ibbotson Associates have developed five asset allocation options, each comprised of selected combinations of investment options. The options approved for use are:

  • Conservative Portfolio

  • Moderately Conservative Portfolio


  • Moderate Portfolio

  • Moderately Aggressive Portfolio

  • Aggressive Portfolio

On a periodic basis (typically annually), Ibbotson evaluates the options and updates them to respond to market conditions and to ensure style consistency. If you select one of the Phoenix- Ibbotson options, your premium payments (policy value for in force policies), however, will not be allocated in accordance with the updated options unless you specifically request that we do so. If you elect to participate in the Phoenix-Ibbotson Strategic Asset Allocation program on and after September 10, 2007, on an annual basis we will reallocate the policy value allocated to the investment options included in the program so that, following this reallocation, the percentage in each investment option equals the percentage originally used for the program. We will make this reallocation effective on the valuation date immediately preceding each anniversary of your policy date for as long as the asset allocation program is in effect for your policy.

You should consult with your registered representative for the most current information on this program and the options within the program.

Phoenix Dynamic Asset Allocation Series The Phoenix Dynamic Asset Allocation Series are “funds of funds” that invest in other mutual funds based on certain target percentages. The series were designed on established principles of asset allocation and are intended to provide various levels of potential total return at various levels of risk. Asset allocations are updated quarterly, or more often, depending on changes in the economy or markets. Each option is rebalanced regularly to the most recent allocations. The options approved for use are:

  • Phoenix Dynamic Asset Allocation Series: Aggressive Growth

  • Phoenix Dynamic Asset Allocation Series: Growth

  • Phoenix Dynamic Asset Allocation Series: Moderate

  • Phoenix Dynamic Asset Allocation Series: Moderate Growth

If you should elect any of the programs listed below, transfers made under these programs will not reduce the 12 transfers per year limit under this policy.

Policy Loans

During the first three policy years, you may generally borrow up to 75% of your policy cash value. Thereafter, you may generally borrow against 90% of your policy’s cash value. We will count any outstanding loans and loan interest toward that 90% limit. We do not generally allow loans of less than $500.

When you take a loan, we will take an amount equal to the loan from your investment options as collateral and deposit it to the “loaned portion” of the Guaranteed Interest Account. You may instruct us how to withdraw policy value from your investment options for deposit to the loaned portion of the Guaranteed Interest Account. If you do not instruct us, we will make the withdrawal in the same manner as monthly deductions.

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