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maintain a minimum amount of capital, which acts as a cushion in the event that the insurer suffers a financial impairment, based on the inherent risks in the insurer’s operations. These risks include those associated with losses that an insurer could incur as the result of its own investment of its general account assets, which could include bonds, mortgages, general real estate investments, and stocks. Useful information about Phoenix’s financial strength, including information on our general account portfolio of investments, may be found on our website located under “About Us”/”Financial Strength” along with information on ratings assigned to us by one or more independent rating organizations. Additionally, the consolidated financial statements and financial schedules from PNX and subsidiaries' Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2008, may also be found on our website, pheonixwm.com, or a copy of any of the above referenced documents may be obtained for free by calling VULA.

The section entitled “Description of Phoenix Life Variable Universal Life Account”2 is deleted and replaced with the following:

Description of Phoenix Life Variable Universal Life Account

Phoenix Life established the Phoenix Life Variable Universal Life Account (“Separate Account”) as a separate account under New York insurance law on June 17, 1985. The Separate Account is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) as a unit investment trust under the Investment Company Act of 1940. The SEC does not supervise the management, investment practices or policies of the Separate Account or of the Company.

The Separate Account purchases shares in mutual funds called “underlying funds.” The Separate Account is divided into sections called “investment options.” There is a corresponding investment option for each underlying fund in which the Separate Account invests. You do not invest directly in the underlying funds. Instead, the policy value you allocate to the Separate Account purchases “units” of the Separate Account. The units are allocated to the investment options of your choice. Each time you buy units of the Separate Account, the Separate Account purchases shares of the corresponding underlying fund. The value of your units will vary. Please refer to “Policy Values” for more details on unit values and to “the Underlying Funds” for more information about the funds.

Phoenix Life does not guarantee the investment performance of the Separate Account or any of its investment options. The policy value allocated to the Separate Account depends on the investment performance of the underlying funds. As policy owner, you bear the full investment risk for all monies invested in the Separate Account. Phoenix Life insurance Company is obligated to pay all amounts contractually owed under the policies.

The Separate Account has several investment options with varying degrees of investment risk. You may make contributions to the Separate Account but you assume all of the investment risk for the policy value that you contribute and allocate to the Separate Account. Under New York law these Separate Account assets are segregated from our general account and all income, gains or losses, whether or not realized, must be credited to or charged against the amounts placed in the Separate Account without regard to the other income, gains and losses from any other business or activity of the insurer. The assets of the Separate Account may not be used to pay liabilities arising out of any other business that an insurer conducts and as such are insulated from the creditors of the insurer.

We reserve the right to add, remove, modify, or substitute underlying funds in which the Separate Account invests.

Your registered representative should provide you with a copy of this prospectus at the time you apply for a policy. You may obtain a copy of the underlying fund prospectuses by calling the VULA at the phone number located on the front page of this prospectus. Additionally, we will provide a copy of these prospectuses when you have purchased the policy. We will provide you updated prospectuses for your policy and the underlying funds at least annually.


For some products, this section is entitled “Phoenix Life Variable Universal Life Account.”



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