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Performance History

We may choose to include performance history of the investment options or the underlying funds in advertisements, sales literature or reports. Performance information about each investment option is based on past performance and is not an indication of future performance.

The section entitled, “Distribution of Policies”3 is deleted and replaced with the following:

Distribution of Policies

The Company has appointed PEPCO to serve as the principal underwriter and distributor of the securities offered through this prospectus, pursuant to the terms of a distribution agreement. PEPCO, which is an affiliate of the Company, also acts as the principal underwriter and distributor of other variable life insurance policies and variable annuity contracts issued by the Company and its affiliated companies. The Company reimburses PEPCO for expenses PEPCO incurs in distributing the policies (e.g., commissions payable to retail broker-dealers who sell the policies). PEPCO does not retain any fees under the policies; however, PEPCO may receive 12b-1 fees from the funds.

PEPCO’s principal executive offices are located at 610 W. Germantown Pike, Suite 460, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462. PEPCO is registered as a broker-dealer with the SEC under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as well as the securities commissions in the states in which it operates, and is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”), formerly known as the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. or NASD.

PEPCO and the Company enter into selling agreements with broker-dealers who are registered with the SEC and are members of FINRA, and with entities that may offer the policies but are exempt from registration. Applications for the policy are solicited by registered representatives who are associated persons of such broker-dealer firms. Those representatives act as appointed agents of the Company under applicable state insurance law and must be licensed to sell variable life insurance products. The Company intends to offer the policy in all jurisdictions where it is licensed to do business and where the policy is approved. The policies are offered on a continuous basis.


Broker-dealers having selling agreements with PEPCO and the company are paid compensation for the promotion and sale of the policies. Registered representatives who solicit sales of the policy typically receive a portion of the compensation payable to the broker-dealer firm, depending on the agreement between the firm and the registered representatives. A broker- dealer firm or registered representative of a firm may receive different compensation for selling one product over another and/ or may be inclined to favor or disfavor one product provider over another product provider due to differing compensation rates.

Compensation paid on the policies, as well as other incentives or payments, is not assessed as an additional direct charge to policy owners or the Separate Account. Instead, you pay for sales and distribution expenses through overall charges and fees assessed under your policy. For example, front end sales charges, per thousand sales loads, and /or any profits the company may realize through assessing the mortality and expense risk charge under your policy may be used to pay for sales and distribution expenses. We may also pay for sales and distribution expenses out of any payments the company or PEPCO may receive from the funds for providing administrative, marketing and other support and services to the funds.

The amount and timing of overall compensation, which includes both commissions and the additional compensation as outlined below, may vary depending on the selling and other agreements in place. The additional compensation or reimbursement we pay to certain broker-dealers may be paid in the form of flat fees. However, these payments may be represented as a percentage of expected premium payments. Sales commissions will be paid to registered representatives on purchase payments we receive under these policies.


For some products, this section is entitled “Distribution.”



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