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RHB Bank Berhad Easy Cash Installment Payment Plan Full Terms & Conditions


“The Programme” - The Programme hereby refers to RHB EasyCash Programme.

“The Easy Cash Amount” - The EasyCash Amount hereby refers to the amount that the cardmember can withdraw / utilize from their credit card account via EasyCash promotion.

“Existing Approve Credit Limit” - Existing Approved Credit Limit hereby refers to Credit line offered and communicated to cardmembers for retail, cash advance and balance transfer consumption.

  • 1.

    The Programme is only offered to the Cardmembers of RHB Bank Berhad. All RHB Bank Berhad Supplementary cards, Visa Business Use cards, Corporate cards, and Virtual cards are not eligible for The ProgrammeRHB Bank Berhad reserves the right to add, delete, alter or amend any of these terms and conditions at any time with notice and they shall become effective on such date as RHB Bank may elect to adopt. At the discretion of RHB bank, notice od such additions or modifications or amenaments may be affected by: -

    • a.

      displaying the same at the premises of the Bank or it’s Branch offices for a peroid of not less than twenty one (21) business days or by mailing the aforesaid notice to the Cardmember; or

    • b.

      by sending notice of the same by SMS or electronic mail to the Cardmember or by posting the notice or the same on RHB Bank website. Such amenaments or alterations shall be effective and bindiing on the Cardmember with effect from the date the amenaments or alterations. In the event of any dispute relating the the terms and conditions, the determination and decision of RHB Bank shall be final, binding and conclusive.

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    The Cardmember is able to withdraw The EasyCash Amount up to 80% of their available credit limit based on the condition that the conduct of their credit card accounts are regular and sufficient available credit limit at time of posting.

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    Upon application of the RHB EasyCash, Cardmembers are deemed to be responsible in servicing the monthly installment amount. The monthly installment amount is posted into the Cardmember’s credit card account to be accumulated to the total outstanding balance and subject to the minimum repayment amount of 5% of the total outstanding balance. If cardmembers choose to repay the minimum amount of 5% or part of the total outstanding balance, the remaining balance is chargeable at 1.5% p.m. on daily rest.

  • 4.

    Upon approval, The EasyCash Amount will be debited to the Cardmembers’ credit card accounts. Respective interest and finance charges will commence thereon. It is the Cardmembers’ responsibility to ensure that there is sufficient available credit limit before they apply for The Programme.

  • 5.

    RHB Bank Berhad reserves the right at its sole and absolute discretion to approve only a part of the amount applied for by the Cardmember to released without prior notification to or consent of the Cardmember and without giving any reasons therefore.

  • 6.

    Interest for each repayment plan will be charged based on the promotional rates advertised in the application form and will be computed on straight-line basis over the repayment period based on the EasyCash Amount.


Monthly repayment is on installment basis. The EasyCash Amount and the total interest charged constitute the total outstanding balance of the Cardmembers Credit Card account. The total outstanding balance will be repaid via installment over the repayment period. The fixed monthly installment will be billed to the Cardmember on a monthly basis.

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