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TV TOKYO broadcasts more than 30, or approximately half, of all new anime programs shown on terrestrial televi- sion networks in Japan every week. We also supply numer- ous anime and children’s programs to non-network local stations and satellite channels. TV TOKYO is the broad- caster most closely identified with anime in Japan and is

considered one of the anime industry’s leading companies.

One of the unique characteristics of our anime business is that, rather than trying to amass all necessary resources within the Company, we have built a network of close relationships with numerous partner companies as a means of expanding the business. Such partners include anime production houses, toy manufacturers, video game software producers, publishing companies, movie production companies, advertising agencies and general trading houses. By utilizing these relationships, we have grown the business and continued to turn out high-quality content while

exploiting a wide range of business opportunities, from anime pro- duction and television broadcasting to video and movie releases and merchandising. As a result, the content projects in which we have participated as a partner have gained a strong reputation overseas. These include such anime franchises as Pokémon, YU-GI-OH Duel Monsters, Shaman King and Sonic X, which have achieved high audience ratings in the United States. Through this approach, we have embarked on a global strategy, beginning with markets in Asia and Europe.

In our anime broadcasting activities, we undertake program sched- uling based on overall business considerations. Our target audiences cover a broad spectrum, from preschoolers through to teenagers and parents, and in choosing anime we place particular emphasis on plot and storyline. Consequently, a highly integrated approach is used to



(Wednesday, 19:27–19:55)

NARUTO has captured the imagination of children all over Japan. This series is broadcast on several formats, including terrestrial and satellite, achieving high audience ratings during prime time.

achieve the optimum scheduling mix, in terms of both time slot and day of the week. Since the television media carries with it a very strong influence on society in general, it is important that cultural and educational considerations are also taken into account. From this perspective, we see one of our social missions as “giving children something to dream for” through anime. TV TOKYO is determined to continue building on its achievements, experience and expertise to provide high-quality content in the future as a “powerhouse” in the anime-related business field. POKÉMON AG ©Nintendo, Creatures, GAME FREAK, TV TOKYO, ShoPro, JR Kikaku, ©Pokémon

(Thursday, 19:00–19:30)

The worldwide hit Pokémon continues. This series features a new setting and a new adventure-filled journey by some of our favorite characters.

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