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30 CFR Part 46 Instructors Guide - page 11 / 24





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30 CFR Part 46

Training Program Guide

New Miner Training ('46.5)

Newly-Employed Experienced Miner ('46.6)

The following lesson plan can be used as a model to train miner’s for the indicated part 46 training.

Recognition and avoidance of hazards '46.5(b)(2); '46.6(b)(2)

Course Length:from                                                            to                                                      

Competent Instructor(s)                                                                                                                      

The purpose of this course is to train the miner to recognize potentially hazardous locations, conditions, or procedures.  Once a potentially hazardous location, condition, or procedure is identified, discuss or demonstrate how to avoid the hazards.

Potential hazards should be discussed and considered as:


Hazards to the miner.


Hazards to others by the miner’s actions.

Discuss the differences and examples of different kinds of hazards such as:

-moving vehicles

-exposed “pinch points” and rotating mechanical parts

-releases of energy such as compressed gas, hydraulic lines, energized components, explosives

-environmental such as dust, deep water, high places, slippery areas, welding areas, overhead power lines, etc.

-lifting hazards

-slips and falls


Training Materials:Company safety rules

Company accident reports

MSHA Hazard Recognition Pamphlet

MSHA-produced publication, “Fatal Accidents Involving Small Crushed

         Stone, Sand and Gravel Operations,” OT-41

MSHA Health Hazard Information Cards

Evaluation:Have the miner identify any potential hazards he/she can identify at a work process.  Discuss these ideas with the miner and how the miner could avoid being hurt by them.  

Take a few minutes to see if you can spot any of the potential causes of an accident in the


Why do you think                                                  is a potential cause for an injury?  

What events would cause this to happen?

What could you do to prevent this from happening?

Discuss the miner=s responses and offer any additional insights.     

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