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30 CFR Part 46 Instructors Guide - page 12 / 24





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30 CFR Part 46

Training Program Guide

New Miner Training ('46.5)

Newly-Employed Experienced Miner ('46.6)

The following lesson plan can be used as a model to train miner’s for the indicated part 46 training.

A review of emergency medical procedures, escape and emergency evacuation plans, fire warning signals, firefighting procedures '46.5(b)(3); '46.6(b)(3)

Course Length:from                                                            to                                                      

Competent Instructor(s)                                                                                                                    

The purpose of this training is to train the miner in the appropriate steps to take in the event of fire or other emergency requiring the miner to leave the mine or affected area of the mine.

Training Materials:Company mine emergency and evacuation plan

Fire extinguisher

MSHA-produced video, “Emergency Response Planning (Who Needs It?),”  

         VC 838

MSHA-produced video, “Fire Extinguishers,” VC 879

MSHA-produced video, “Fire Fighting in the Mineral Industry,” VC 827

MSHA-produced safety manual, “Fire Safety,” SM 13

If you are hurt on the job, you should first                                      ; second                                  .

If you see a fire or excessive smoke in the buildings or on a piece of machinery you should


If the fire is                                 in size you should fight the fire using                                   .

If the fire is an electrical fire you should                                     .

If the fire is too large to put out you should                                        .

The fire or emergency signal(s) at this mine are                                        .

If you hear or see this signal(s) you should                                        .

Point out the locations of fire extinguishers.  Use an extinguisher to point out restraining pin, operating handle, and nozzle operation.

Evaluation:Have the miner explain or demonstrate the correct procedures for reporting, fighting, and escaping a fire.  Also have him/her indicate the locations of fire extinguishers and describe the correct initiation and use of a fire extinguisher.  Correct any mistakes and have the miner repeat the correct response.

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