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30 CFR Part 46

Training Program Guide

New Miner Training ('46.5)

Newly-Employed Experienced Miner ('46.6)

The following lesson plan can be used as a model to train miner’s for the indicated part 46 training.

The following courses will be presented no later than 60 days after the new miner or newly- hired experienced miner begins work at the mine:

Instruction and demonstration on the use, care, and maintenance of self-rescue and respiratory devices, if used at the mine '46.5(c)(1); '46.6(c)

Course Length:from                                                            to                                                     

Competent Instructor(s)                                                                                                                      

The purpose of this training is to prepare the miner to use the appropriate self-rescue or respiratory device in an emergency or health hazard situation.

Training Materials:MSHA and/or manufacturer’s manuals for the appropriate devices

When you are working in the                                                        area, you need to wear a

                                                           respiratory device. You properly put the unit on by

                                             .  The fit is then adjusted by                                         .  The proper filter for this unit is                                       .  The filter is replaced by                                         .

The filter should be replaced every                                                      .     

In an emergency indicated by                                    , you will (if the units are cached) indicate the location(s) and  put on the                         self-rescuer using the following steps, in order,

                                         .  You will then evacuate the mine by                                         .

Evaluation:Have each miner explain to you when the device is to be used.  Then have him/her demonstrate the proper method for putting on the unit, demonstrate adjusting the unit for fit, describe the type of filter used, and demonstrate changing the filter.  (In the case of a self-rescue device, have the miner describe the procedure for evacuating the hazardous area.)  

Correct any errors and have the miner repeat the process until satisfactory performance is achieved.

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