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You must provide site-specific hazard awareness training to miners, such as drillers and blasters, who move from one mine to another while remaining employed by the same production operator or independent contractor.  You must also provide site-specific hazard awareness training to construction workers or employees of independent contractors who are not miners.

You may provide hazard training through the use of written hazard warnings, oral instruction, signs and posted warnings, walk-around training, or other appropriate means.

Training Records ('46.9)

Part 46 requires that the mine operator/independent contractor to record and certify that miner’s have received health and safety training. A record must be kept for miners for each training class.  Each training record must be certified upon completion of  new miner, newly-hired experienced miner, annual refresher, upon completion by miners of site-specific hazard awareness training, and at least once every 12 months for task training.  You may use the MSHA Form 5000-23 or any form that contains the following information:

AS A REMINDER: False certification that training was completed is punishable under 110(a) and (f) of the Act.

The printed full name of the person trained (first, middle, last name).

The type of training, the duration of the training, the date the training was received, and the name of the competent person who provided the training.

The mine or independent contractor name, MSHA mine identification number or independent contractor I.D., and location of training (if an institution, the name and address of the institution).

The statement, ”False certification is punishable under section 110(a) and (f) of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act,” printed in bold letters and in a conspicuous manner.

A statement signed by the person designated as responsible for health and safety training in the MSHA-approved training plan for the mine that states, “I certify that the above training has been completed.”

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