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Sensory quality of turnip greens and turnip tops grown in northwestern Spain - page 10 / 31





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and the roles of flavonoids and glucosinolates such as provide protection against

ultraviolet radiation, pathogens and insect attack. All traits related to flavor (except

sweetness) showed negative and significant correlation coefficients with total

hydroxycinnamic acids and total phenolic compound content (ranging from R=-0.58* to

R=-0.82**). Total flavonoids only showed a significant and moderate relationship with

acid taste. Most of the literature related flavonoids with bitter, acid or astringent tastes

[25] but minor alterations in the flavonol structure can change their taste from bitter to

sweet or the other way around [26].

As summary, sensory traits evaluated in turnip greens seem to be more related to

hydroxycinnamic acids and flavonoid compounds than to glucosinolates.

Hydroxycinnamic acids and total phenolic compound content were positively related to

firmness traits and negatively related to flavor traits.

Turnip tops

Likewise happened for turnip greens, there were significant differences among

environments for most traits, highlighting the importance of climatic conditions upon

the sensorial quality of these crops. Thus, the choice of a particular variety in basis of its

sensorial value should be done on many sites and years. The combined analysis of

variance did not show any significant environment × variety interaction, which means

the stability of different genotypes. Varieties were significantly different for color and

firmness of leaves, moistness and fibrosity in mouth, sharpness, and bitter taste.

Because of this variability, it would be possible to select in the future a particular

variety according to consumer preferences. As well occurring in turnip greens, ‘MBG-

BRS0163’ displayed the highest leaf color. Besides, this variety had the lowest leaf

firmness, fibrosity in mouth, stalk firmness and resistance to cutting even though no

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