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Sensory quality of turnip greens and turnip tops grown in northwestern Spain - page 12 / 31





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[27] showed that sweetness was high and negatively related to the total glucosinolate

content, which in turn coincided closely with bitter and pungent taste.

Hydroxycinnamic acids and flavonoids had a slight relationship with the sensory

traits evaluated in turnip tops. Therefore, it’s worth pointing out that flavonoids

kaempferol-3-O-(caffeoyl)sophoroside-7-O-glucoside and quercetin-3-O-

(caffeoyl)sophoroside-7-O-glucoside displayed correlations highest than R=0.60 for leaf

and stalk firmness (once again negatives) and for taste traits (acid, salty, bitter and

aftertaste persistence). The highest coefficient correlation was found between salty taste

and quercetin-3-O-(caffeoyl)sophoroside-7-O-glucoside (R=0.82). The highest

difference between turnip greens and turnip tops was found in the hydroxycinnamic

acids content. Turnip greens had 27 m g-1 of hydroxycinnamic acids concentration and

turnip tops 19.3 m g-1, which can partially explain the less importance of this

compounds on the flavor of turnip tops.

As summary, indolic and aromatic glucosinolates seem to be more related to

traits indicative of texture while all glucosinolate types (indolic, aliphatic and aromatic)

seems to affect considerably flavor traits, mainly bitterness, acid taste and aftertaste.

Selection of sensorial traits

Simple correlation coefficients among all sensory traits were calculated to

determine which trait gives a better measure of sensorial value in turnip greens and turnip

tops (Table 7). Two attributes related to product appearance, i.e. aroma intensity and

leaf brightness and one trait related to preference, i.e. sharpness, were not correlated

with any other trait. Therefore, these traits have not been useful to describe the flavor

attributes of turnip tops and turnip greens but, depending on the consumer preferences

may play a main role in the evaluation of the products.

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