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Sensory quality of turnip greens and turnip tops grown in northwestern Spain - page 13 / 31





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The highest correlation (0.94**) was found between two traits related to hand

texture, leaf firmness and stalk firmness. As it was previously explained, leaves and

shoots are the plant parts consumed for turnip greens and for turnip tops, respectively.

Thus, leaf firmness would be associated to turnip greens whereas stalk firmness would

be associated to turnip tops. Regarding correlation coefficients altogether, three groups

of relationships among the sensory traits evaluated could be differentiated. First,

relations between traits linked to texture in hand (leaf firmness, stalk firmness,

resistance to cutting) and texture in mouth as fibrosity. Coefficients among these traits

were higher than R=0.86 and the highest value (R=0.92**) was found between leaf

firmness and fibrosity. This suggests that fibrosity of plant samples detected by panelist

increased as leaves are more firmness. The second type of remarkable correlations was

found between flavor traits (bitter, salty, and acid taste) and aftertaste persistence. It is

well- known that a flavor more intense remains more time after eating, i.e. it is more

persistent. In this case, the highest correlation was found between aftertaste persistence

and bitterness (R=0.91**). Finally, the third kind of relationships was found between

flavor traits (bitter, salty, acid and aftertaste and acid taste) with moistness in mouth.

Among these, the highest coefficient value was found between bitterness and moistness

(R=-0.89**). Coefficients were always negative suggesting that as moistness in mouth

increase, scale values for bitter, acid, and salty tastes (but not for sweet taste) decrease.

In addition, a significant and high correlation was also found among salty, acid and

bitter tastes. A possible explanation is that flavor is probably very complex and difficult

to evaluate objectively. The identification of each flavor trait separately is difficult

because flavors are usually mixed and they are often misunderstanding.


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