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Sensory quality of turnip greens and turnip tops grown in northwestern Spain - page 6 / 31





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trays and seedlings were transplanted into the field at the five or six leaves stage.

Transplanting dates were on the 10th and 19th October in 2006 and on the 01th and 04th

September in 2007, in Oroso and Guitiriz, respectively. Varieties were transplanting in a

randomized complete block design with three replications. The experimental plots

consisted of three rows with 10 plants per row. Rows were spaced 0.8m apart and plants

within rows 0.5m apart. Transplanting was carried out manually according to local

practice. A complex mineral fertilizer was added to the soil (8-15-15) at the rate of

412Kg/ha (33K/ha N, 62 Kg/ha P2O5 and K2O). For pest control were used Aphox

against aphids and Laidan against Delia radicum L . Force® was added at the time of

transplantation against soil insects. Weed control were made according to local

practices. Twenty five to forty leaves and shoots from each variety were harvested at

each environment. Since trained panel must be done on several days, plant material

(leaves and shoots) was sequentially harvested on each environment according to the

maturity cycle of each variety at the optimum time for consumption. Leaf harvest

ranged from 44 to 98 days after planting while shoot harvest ranged from 114-224 days

after planting.

Sample preparation. Plant material was collected and immediately was carried to the

laboratory for the sensory evaluation. The trained panel evaluation lasted several

months as no more than three or four 4 varieties per day could be tasted. Samples were

cleaned with water, selected and cut. After this, they were cooked in boiling water (no

salt) for 45 minutes, with 1000W heat-plates—in a 1100g sample / 2 L water

proportion. Once the samples were cooked, the excess water was drained off and

servings of approximately 100g were presented for each taster in plates coded with 3

random digits. The samples were distributed in a complete block design. Evaluation was

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