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Finance. Favorable. From the Acting Chief Administrative Officer submitting a resolution approving an agreement for mutual aid with New Haven’s six contiguous towns in the event of a weapon of mass destruction.

WHEREAS; The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has identified New Haven as a recipient of Urban Area Strategy Funds in the amount of $9,632,961; and

WHEREAS, Homeland Security Presidential Directive –5 requires the Federal Department of Homeland Security to develop a system to enhance emergency readiness and response at all levels of government; and

WHEREAS, the National Mutual Aid and Resource Management System is an initiative undertaken by the Department of Homeland Security to allow a jurisdiction to augment response and recovery resources if needed; and

WHEREAS, future federal funding for local homeland security initiatives will be contingent on having mutual aid agreements in place; and

WHEREAS, the New Haven Urban Area is defined to include the City of New Haven and its six contiguous towns that include Hamden, North Haven, East Haven, West Haven, Orange and Woodbridge; and

WHEREAS, representatives of these towns have met and developed an overall strategy consistent with the State of Connecticut’s Homeland Security Strategy and approved by the Department of Homeland Security, and

Whereas:  there have historically been informal agreements between municipal police and fire departments in the seven town area to provide mutual aid in responding to incidents that exceed the resources of any one jurisdiction; and

Whereas: Connecticut State Statute 7-310 authorizes operation of fire equipment in and provision of personnel and assistance to other municipalities; and

WHEREAS, the Urban Area Strategy Goal #3 includes development of mutual aid agreements with other towns in the Urban Area to provide requisite response and recovery in the event of a weapon of mass destruction.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the New Haven Board of Aldermen authorizes the Mayor to sign the attached Agreement for Mutual Aid within the New Haven Urban Area.

Finance. Leave to Withdraw. From the Director of Parks, Recreation & Trees submitting a resolution authorizing the application to and acceptance of $15,800 in grant funds from the State Department of Environmental Protection for the East Rock/Edgewood Park trail restoration project.

BE IT ORDERED by the New Haven Board of Aldermen that the communication titled

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