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Note: Alderwoman McCormack abstained from voting on this motion.

Alderwoman Ellis-West:  “I will start with Item one.  The items before us tonight are the enabling legislation for the Gateway and Long Wharf Theatre move, and Macy’s and Coliseum demolitions. This legislation authorizes the Mayor and Economic Development Administrator to take the appropriate action to realize this project.  The big piece of the project is the amendment to the Municipal Development Plan.  As you are aware, this will allow this project to proceed in this area.

This legislation meets the requirements needed in that it provides for:

Creation of a detailed parking plan that is sufficient to meet the interim and long-term parking needs of the project area, including accommodations for existing parking capacity that may be displaced in connection with the development project;

Community benefits by providing affordable housing and New Haven resident participation in construction and long-term employment;

Creation of a detailed set of urban design guidelines and a design review protocol to maintain design standards;

The land and buildings to be used principally for business purposes;

Contributions to the economic welfare of the City and the State;

The acquisition and/or disposition of real property and/or easements, rehabilitation and/or demolition of buildings, other improvements to real property, and the right to take any action related to air rights over the public rights-of-way in the project area as are necessary to promote the optimum development of the project area;

Materially improving conditions in the Downtown Area.

By approving this we will be allowing for the City to enter into negotiations with the Board of Trustees for the Connecticut Community Colleges, Long Wharf Theatre, property owners within the project area, the State of Connecticut, and any other necessary party for the purposes of carrying out the Downtown MDP, as amended, including but not limited to the following:   

a) acceptance of grant funds from the State of Connecticut for the ddemolition of the former Macy’s Department Store, the relocation of

Long Wharf Theatre, and infrastructure and streetscape improvements;

b) transfer of land from the City to the Board of Trustees for the Connecticut Community Colleges on behalf of Gateway Community College for purposes of relocating Gateway Community College to a downtown location within the project area;

c) other necessary actions for purposes of relocating the Long Wharf Theatre to a downtown location within the project area;

d) tunnel and streetscape improvements within the project area;

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