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Security. Those sentiments e press a growing skepticism about the modern liberal state. What should be done?

First, and foremost, we need to e pose the intellectual, constitutional, and moral bankrupt- cy of the welfare state. We need to change the

“It is time to get government out of the usi- ness of charity and to let private virtue, responsi ility, and enevolence grow along with civil society.”

way we think about government and restore an ethos of liberty and responsibility. The political process can then begin changing the direction of government and rolling back the welfare state.

We also need to impose term limits on Congress and return government to the people, rather than settle for the status quo of special interests and professional politicians.

Furthermore, we need to hold members of Congress accountable if they overstep their con- stitutional authority. Before considering new leg- islation, members of Congress should ask, Is this legislation consistent with the enumerated pow- ers of the federal government and with the spirit of the Constitution as a “charter of freedom”?

Although Americans have grown accus- tomed to the welfare state, the disappearance of welfare would strengthen the nation’s moral fab- ric and reinvigorate civil society. We should end the parasitic state, not because we want to harm the poor, but because we want to help them help themselves.

America has a great future, but that future is endangered by a federal government that has become bloated and unable to perform even its rudimentary functions. The collapse of commu- nism and the failure of socialism should have been warning enough that it is time to change direction.

It is time to get government out of the busi- ness of charity and to let private virtue, responsi- bility, and benevolence grow along with civil society—just as they did more than 150 years ago

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