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TrusteeGroup is the group to which you are granting permissions.

TrusteeDomain is the domain in which you are granting permissions.

ServiceAccount is the RTC service account name.

ComponentServiceAccount is the RTC component service account name.

ComputerOU is the distinguished name (DN) of the OU containing the computer running the server to which you are granting the trustee group read-only administrative permissions.

PoolName is the name of the Standard Edition server or Enterprise pool in which the trustee group can perform read-only server administration, and adds the trustee group to the Local Administrators group of each computer in the pool and to the ReadOnlyRole of the SQL Server back-end databases.

ExtraServers is a comma separated list of fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) of computers to which the group requires access but which are not part of the pool. You can enter the FQDN of Archiving Servers, Monitoring Servers (that is, Call Detail Recording (CDR) and Quality of Experience (QoE)), Mediation Servers, or the internal FQDN of Edge Servers (that is, if the Edge Servers are domain Edge Servers; if they are in a workgroup, they cannot be delegated).

Appendix: Preparing Active Directory Domain Services

To facilitate access to the key topics from other Office Communications Server 2007 R2 documents that are referenced in this document, those topics are replicated in this Appendix

Active Directory Domain Services Requirements

Installing Administrative Tools

Installing Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows Server 2008

Accounts and Permissions Requirements

Active Directory Domain Services Requirements

Microsoft Office Communications Server relies on Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) to store global settings and groups that are necessary for the deployment and management of Office Communications Server. The first step in deploying Office Communications Server is to prepare Active Directory Domain Services by extending the schema and then creating and configuring objects. The schema extensions add the Active Directory classes and attributes that are required by Office Communications Server.


Office Communications Server can be deployed in a locked-down Active Directory environment. For details about deploying Office Communications Server in a locked-

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