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LcsCmd.exe /domain[:<FQDN of domain where the computer OU is located>]  /action:CheckLcsOuPermissions  /ou:<DN name for the computer OU container relative to the domain root container DN> /objectType:<computer>


If you run domain preparation on the forest root domain in a locked-down Active Directory environment, be aware that Office Communications Server requires access to the Active Directory Schema and Configuration containers.

If the default authenticated user permission is removed from the Schema or the Configuration containers in AD DS, only members of the Schema Admins group or EnterpriseAdmins group are permitted to access this container. Because Setup.exe, LcsCmd.exe, and the snap-in require access to these containers, Setup and installation of the administrative tools fails unless the user running installation has user rights equivalent to Schema Admins and EnterpriseAdmins group membership.

To remedy this situation, you must grant RTCUniversalGlobalReadOnly group access to the Schema and Configuration containers.

Active Directory Domain Services Reference

This reference section includes the following information:

The global settings and objects, as well as universal service and administration groups, that are created during forest preparation.

The access control entries (ACEs) that are created on the domain root and built-in containers during domain preparation.

The WMI properties that can be used in scripts to configure new Office Communications Server users, if your organization chooses to create scripts rather than use the snap-ins.

Schema extensions created during schema preparation.

The Active Directory schema contains formal definitions of every object class that can be created in an Active Directory forest. The schema also contains formal definitions of every attribute that can exist on an Active Directory object. The Active Directory global catalog contains replicas of all the objects for the forest, along with a subset of the attributes for each object. This section describes the classes and attributes that Office Communications Server adds to the Active Directory schema.

In This Section

Changes Made by Forest Preparation

Changes Made by Domain Preparation

Using WMI to Configure New Users

Active Directory Domain Services Classes and Descriptions

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