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When you click the Configure button in Outlook or run the file HOSP.exe the main Configure screen opens.

The main screen has four buttons for different settings dialogs and some quick links to features that you also can find in the settings dialogs.  The default list is shown here, and you can add lists and enable Live Monitoring (automatic conversion of e-mails). The two buttons to the top right is for the Merge tickets feature and for the HelpDesk OSP User Manual webpage.

1.8 List settings - defines the connection to SharePoint

Press the List Settings button in the main Configure screen, and the List Settings dialog is shown. Here you can define how the connection between Outlook and SharePoint should work.  Select what columns in the list item different parts of the e-mail should be published to, and decide if e-mail attachments should be added to the list item. Here you can also add and remove lists.

When an e-mail is converted to a ticket, information from the e-mail is automatically filled out in the ticket. In the List Settings dialog you select how the different parts of the e-mail should be filled out in the fields of the SharePoint list item.

If you for example want the Subject of the e-mail to be filled out in the Title field of the list item, you select Title from the drop down. The drop downs are populated with the fields of the list you have chosen.

HelpDesk OSP for Outlook and SharePoint   User Manual www.kalmstrom.com


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